JUst wondering…

August 24, 2009 at 5:27 pm (Govt, Realities)

What if we have such hanging train over NALA LAYEEE of Rawalpindi ????



NAla layee in 2020

NAla layee in 2020

Another view

Another view

these are actually hanging trains in Germany..

Courtesy: Ajnabi


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May 5, 2007 at 1:52 pm (Govt, Life, Me@myself)

1 month passed 🙂 lost 3 Kgs

and after 1 month i was lucky enuff to get a long weekend off:) ye b mujhe kal pata chala k my group was changed..and instead of a call on sunday i got a sunday off:)

did 2 consecutive calls and when i returned last night…i was dying with dehydration… well just because of the fact that i didnt get time to take supper n even water in last whole week… its all ur luck… i had all serious patients…n my friend who joined the same day when i did…had all stable patients:) so i had to keep running…for their tests…consultations and all…and when i got off ..i just wanted to take a 2 hr sleep rather than taking lunch or dinner…so have ended in bad dehydration…n muscle cramps

but the good thing is the way they make duas:) how a seriously ill girl with kidney failure ask u k the nurse is not good at taking a blood sample…she hurts..u take it for me 🙂  (even though taking blood samples it not our work… when we cant do it we ask nurses to help us in it..they r experts)

i dont understand the Govt systems… yesterday one of my patients..who is in deep Coma… needed a brain CT scan..urgently… and we were unable to find an ambulance…i didnt know the procedure i simple asked my ward master k “Sahab ambulance chaiay urgently..” n guess what he said…

“dr sahab u want me n urself to go for an explanatory call?” ” for getting an ambulance u have to submit the form a day before u want it to be there”

sg “sahab…mujhe urgent chaiay…humne abi decide kia CT scan ka…” ” u get me the form and let the MS call me for explanation”

i called Ms myself to explain everything..but he was in a meeting… and with no option…. i asked the attendnts to get a private ambulance… we had no option…

kia fazoool tareekay hain..k ji pehlay Parchii banwaoo.. hate it all…

kher…ab tak koi bari explanatory call ni hui meri… lets c when n what will make me go to MS explaining ..i hope if i ever had to go..it would be for just n good

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Do You Agree?????

March 17, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Govt)

 S from Karachi:

Yeh kia horaha hayPakistan ko? vesay hi kia kam hangama tha, ab team b har kar ayeegee to pata nahi kia huga.


did u chjeck papers? Blogs? Everyone is mentioning internet and mobile connection lag. Patani:( police he kahun taur rahee…Wazir on air galiaan de rahay..pindi se islamabad k rastai aj b blocked..

S from Karachi:

Police kanun taur rahee hay! aur kanuun torta kaun hay???  net ka idea nahi cell set chal raha hay.vesay jo horaha hay acha nahi horaha..i tell all this is done to divert media from Iran. U C no Iran news is there in the news… May be we’ll be soon called Americans….

Bring it to notice then.write letter to Dawn and other news papers…Tell your friends..But international media to ab b Iran pe baat kar rahay…Akhbarain bhee… What nuksaan will be there of this Scenario to Pakistan?

S from Karachi:

friends? they aal are busy with hard education,har koi esa nahi sochta..neither they have any concern..kehtay..tum ho na Pakistan ka kheal rakhnay k liay… 😦
Opposition supreme court ki taraf n Pak land be available. they all know i.e Govt n opposiion..its all pre planned..neither of us can do anything..


 hmm. Opposition kuch kar b lai to kia hota hay?? nothing.

S from Karachi:

they are all America’s pithho.All have govt properties there..there families..childrne study there..buraai to hum jesaon k liay hay na..

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Unjust??? No!!! much worse!!!

March 13, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Govt)

I don’t understand the Government…Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhary k sath to jo kia so kia…it is unfair with the public…why dont we understand???do we need to have more of a proof against the government to know that they are Criminals????? they are not sincere with us?????? do we need some more proof that they are people who dont care about Justice and Courts????

what if we need to go to the Courts some day(God Forbid) but do you think you will have full faith in them that they will provide you with Justice????? a place where the Justice is not forsaken ..how come a normal person like me or u will have a free hand??????All the advocates have united… alhamdulillah.. atleast some union…but if we all understand and stop being the lambs of some shepherd(Musharraf) we might find a better way to live…with more of air..more liberty..more independence of thoughts and words…. Or simply saying….LIFE…!!!!!

     check it and sign a petition, if u agree asking the President of Pakistan for Justice..

Shak-o-Shubhay ka waqat

http://www.voanews.com/real/voa/sca/urdu/urdu1700a.ram Voice of America..the talk on monday eve… listen to it …and compair it with what Wasi Zaffar has been saying on different TV Channels todasy…he has no words..does He??

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