Re-using stuff:

October 30, 2006 at 2:37 pm (Cook.Ease)

re.using stuff is what i love to do… ramzan me itni jalaibi ati or bach jati thee k dil dukhta tha k zaya ho ri hay…so i one day thought of re-using it… serached the web for it amagr kuch ni mila….

so bus 1 din kar lia decide..banai mene Jalaibi ki kheer..n it was so yummy… u case jalaibi bohat bach gayee ho..

#1.Jalaibi ki kheer

ingredients i used:

jalaibi half a Kg (puraani)

milk(2 cups)

water( almost 2 cups)

boiled rice( 1/4 cup)

Cardamom (2)

 bread crumbs half a cup


i boiled the jalaibi in water…just for 5 mins..n then blended it with that water finely. added 2 cups of milk and half a cup of water again…plus 2 Cardamom… NO SUGAR..when it came to a boil i added half a cup of bread crumbs ..boiled for 5 mins and then added…mashed boiled rice…cooked for another 5 mins…

ready..n served thandiii c..was so nice..n no one could recognize jalaibi…some said pasta se guesed aalloo.1 said custard.


jalaibi he itni methee the k chini ki zarurat ni pari…but i utalized jalaibi… will think of some other dish… ap me se kisis ko ati ho to letme know…

#.2 Daisi honey balls

one of my specialities…kiddies love it… n easy to make

ingredients i use:

Bread (bachi khuchay pieces) and even bachi v Roti

water n milk as per needed

some sugar

and oil for frying

honey, jam, and chochlate syrup for serving


knead the bread n bachi v roti with water n some milk in a bowl..knead it well and hard so that it may take the shape u give it.

add some sugar in end.

deep fry it in any shape…i make some small balls or give it shape of dates…fry till brown

after frying sprinkle some icing sugaron it and serve with honey, chochlate syrup and jaam…

… try it..easy n a gud appetizer for kids…




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