October 3, 2009 at 10:53 pm (Life, Me@myself)

Alhamdulillah… I can walk…

I am very blessed..




  1. zzz said,

    SJ how r ya ……. in one way or the other we all r blessed alhumdolilah…. sometimes shaytan put blindfolds n we become ungrateful

  2. essjee said,

    I am alhamdulillah alright. It was 6 years passed my surgery ..
    🙂 Alhamdulillah am doing fine. thankyou.

  3. zeee said,

    u had a surgry :O
    I had no clue…. 😦 u disappeared n i tried to contact u but never heard frm u ever

  4. essjee said,

    I am alhamdulillah set..Almost every friend knows it..and now you know it too.
    Life changes..and You get busy. I got busy too.

  5. Dr Muhammad Umer Salim said,

    Thanks to Allah !!!

  6. Shakti Mehra said,

    Hey doc! how have u been essjee? been long, seems your blog is dead.. just like mine :p
    How are things in pakistan? and how are you?

  7. chelseawalton57092 said,

    I think that is ne of the most horrible things I have ever heard. I hope she sues the pants off that hospital and that the people responsibles are he Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/hukcoo091645

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