18th august 2009 A Medical camp at Mardan.

August 19, 2009 at 8:54 pm (general, Life, Realities)

It was a pleasant surprise.  She was very humble and simple young doctor. Dr.Sarah. I was accompanying her to the field hubs. It was my first visit as well and I was really waiting to reach there. Sarah 🙂 ; waiting more than me. I will write about her sometime later. I just cant wait to share my experience of Mardan Camp we did.

It was a flood relief camp in Cham Rang Ghari Kapoora, Mardan. When we reached there Dr. Huma of  PIMA was already doing the OPD. Dr. Qaim.ud.Din was catering the male patients. The  house in which we were doing the camp was full of people. Women were trying to rush in and we had to keep a person standing at the door  to keep the influx checked.

Anyway..the visit reminded me of the time when we went to work at the time of earthquake of AJK. Dr. Huma has been working in Mardan for about 2 months now. She has come from Karachi to work there. I must say she is doing a great job.MAshaALLah.

well, let me add some pictures I took.


The aftermath



a few glimpses

Few Glimpses


Relief camp enterance

Relief camp enterance

Waiting for their turn

Waiting for their turn

see he had to keep the door watched

see he had to keep the door watched

Limited resources yet grave work..

Limited resources yet grave work..

Collaboration of HElping Hand and PIMA
Collaboration of HElping Hand and PIMA
Leaving to visit another project.

Leaving to visit another project

on our way back, we saw this beautiful scene. SubhanAllah. But...this scene which is breath taking for me, is it the same for them too????

we saw this beautiful scene on our way back, SubhanAllah. But...is this scene as breath taking for them as it is for me?????

many queries are making me wonder” Akhir-kioon….”

in case you are wondering…PIMA is Pakistan Islamic Medical Association.



  1. Shaista said,

    nice job . be blessed

  2. esSJee said,

    keep praying…thanku

  3. Raheel said,

    I must say you’re doing a great job.. keep blogging and helping others =D

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