August 19, 2009 at 8:28 am (Life, Realities)

About 3 months back I received a call from Dr.Shaista. She was managing a medical relief camp at Barakahu for the IDPs. They needed doctors. It was a joined venture of PIMA, Al-khidmat Foundation and Helping Hand. I joined them in the camp.

It was a small 5x6ft room of Ghazali College, with three docs, and 2-3 dispensers. A small setup but it was really very neat and clean. It was for females mostly. Male doctors were catering the patients in the tent outside Ghazali College. They were giving free medications and referring the more serious cases to hospitals, which were offering free services for the displaced.

Two of the dispensers were themselves IDPs. The team hired them. They worked there and both of them are now back to Dir/Buner from where they came.

During the camp, what I noticed was that most of the patients had skin allergies and infections. It was very hot during those days and they are all used to pleasant and cold weather. It must have been really hard to survive in that weather with dresses made for colder days.

Anyway. I think I need some writing practice. I really have intermingled stuff in my mind…Need to clear it all up.


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