December 7, 2007 at 1:16 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

m writing after so manyyy days…

life is changing drastically…

i just wish n pray Allah sab k liay behtari or asaanian karay..bohat khushian ata karay…ameeen



  1. Ghazala Khan said,

    Hello ,
    I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Pakistani side of WWW. I am Ghazala Khan from The Paksitani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan. We are trying to contribute our humble share in the blogistan.

    We at TPS are carrying out a new series of interviews with the notable Pakistani bloggers. In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you dont mind. Please send me your approval for your interview at pak.spectator at, so that I could send you the questions. We would be extremely grateful. We have done many interviews with many bloggers from Pakistan like Dr. Awab, Kashif Aziz, Fahd Mirza and host of others.


    Ghazala Khan
    The Pakistani Spectator

  2. crybaby said,

    i thought your last post was goodbye to blogosphere .. wb 🙂

  3. essjee said,

    i think it is one of the final breaths…

  4. Fariha Akhtar said,


    InshAllah…everything will turn out to be good for u and us all 🙂

  5. khawab said,

    i was also updating once in a while but never forgot to check any updates on ur blog….n it was really sad n i couldnt even comment r leave any msg for u cuz u blocked all da comments
    well i am glad to see u back gal…..
    do tell me where u’ve been and keep us updating
    oh n belated eid mubarak and a happy new year 😀

  6. Absar said,

    I think we should find comfort in the thought that things always seem easier and more…. breathy, once they are over, And of course, the over stated but never false statement that whatever happens does so for the best. May Allah give all of us peace and happiness at heart. May He give us the insight to see the ‘best’ in life, and the innocence to assume good in everything that happens. Ameen.

    Keep blogging.

  7. jugnoo said,

    Ameen for the prayers

    I am waiting for ur new post dear

  8. a s m a said,

    I’ve heard about wedding plans .. may everything goes well.

    Loads of huggs and loves… and prayers … !

    Ameen on ur prayers 🙂

  9. EnJay said,

    guess who!!! 🙂

    wedding? who’s wedding! I want to know!!! how are you??? Dont see you online any more!!

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