June 1, 2007 at 8:42 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities, Smile)

it was a long day today..baray arsay baad lambii chuttti ki… magar adhay se zada din bister me… i really believe U cant be a good doctor if u r not a good patient… but ammi nazar ati hain to sab dard yaad ajatay hain;)  koi b na ho pass to fit aik dam..

m missing one of my very cute amma ji..73 yrs old..bariii he piyari ama ji… her veins r not that guud…so it was always a tough job giving her any injection… and we didnt canulize her as her skin was very sensitive..she develops severe infection at that site with in a day… kher 3 days back..i was giving her an injection…abi mene hath he lagaya tha k she covered her face with her chadar…turned her face to the other side..n started making funny awazain:) instead of giving injection i started laughing..n said..khala ji meri taraf dekhain… n she knew what was wrong..n she started laughing herself..:) kandhay hila hila k..o she is so cute:)

the next morning i asked her..how r u khala ji? me tum se “NALAAJ” hun..mene kaha ..kioon naraz hain??? she said..tum kal sara din yaheen rahee mujhe poocha b nahi:) ..

i said aaaw khala ji…mujh se naraz na hoain…me bohat masrooof rahee na….acha tabiat kes hay ab apki??? she said..bukar hay..i checked n said… bukhar to behtar hogea hay ab apka… guess what she said..???

sir mara side pe….and said..haan..mujhe bukhar..kehti hay bukhar ni…hahahahha

she is a jaaannnuuu amma ji 🙂 

life is beautiful 🙂 



  1. zios said,

    Paracetamol khayein…bucchon ki puhunch sey door rakhein aur tabiat zyada kharab ho tou doctor sey rijoo karein 😀
    Good work girl…duaein is something that can change your fate.

  2. Aamanna said,

    I always enjoy ur post about ur professional life. I guess being a doctor u can share so many sentiments with us that being an engineer probably we wudnt be able to ..isnt it?


  3. Asma said,


  4. Asma said,

    “”yakeen pay bay yakeeeni ka kohar kuch aisa charta hai
    dikhai kuch nahi daita sujhai kuch nahi daita””

    agree – it’s never easy … and not necessrily you loose in those moments – its the after-life that slowly sucks life out of you … Hoping well and good touching nazm … well the one on which comments are off :*)

  5. Asma said,

    jii janab ?? kahan gayeen?

  6. Raheel Lakhani said,

    Sach main doctor acha ho baat karne main so it is such a relieve. That was a really cute post. Mashallah!

    and yes life is very beautiful, if you want to look it that way 🙂

  7. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Hey Doctor jee aisa characters ka sath kam karka waqay maza aata ha. I do remember my days in wards during HJ, it was a great fun and I use to miss those days. Nice post!!!!

  8. 'Adnee said,

    kidher gaeen?

  9. Shari said,

    quite a story really being a DOC you go through many experince of which we can only imagine
    take care

  10. Fariha Akhtar said,

    Yaar Essjee….missing u and ur posts…update ur blog doctor sahiba!

  11. a s m a said,

    Phir koi aaya dil e zaar?? Nahii koi nahi koi nahin ….!

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