My gaon:)

May 16, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

we went to Ammi’s gaon in end of march… i had uploaded the pics and didnt post em..pata ni q… aj bohat dil kar raha hay gaon janay ka… shayed mausam bohat acha hay is liay…

kher letme share..


if u can c it clearly..aik baba ji is sitting near the chorpoy..smoking πŸ™‚Β  is ghar ki diwaar tooti hui the…n mujhe ye dekh k wo shair yaar ara tha…..deewar kia giri meray kachay makaan ki…logon ne meray sehan se rasta bana liaa… and it true… gandum k khait hain peechay…

Β humaray ghar k leeemo πŸ™‚Β  were more thanΒ 8 kg

Β my fav tasveer… iΒ call itΒ “AGE”Β 


cup or glass bechnay wala…itnay mazay ki awaz lagata tha na…

Β me bhool gayee iska naam.. humaray neighbours me rehta hay…

Β  this is how they protect their young trees πŸ™‚

gaoon me wo sb nahi jisay hum zarooori smajhtay hain..magar jo kuch gaoon me hay…hum us se mehroom hain…



  1. Shakti Mehra said,

    Wow! cool gaon! I never got a chance to visit a village, but ur gaon seems like the typical one shown in movies. seems a perfect place for relaxing.

  2. esSJee said,

    yes it is….there were more than Mashalllah 20 people…so me n my cousins could not explore much… but the houses around are really typical gaoon k ghar…will get pictures, inshallah when i go next time… ud love em..i know

  3. zios said,

    gaon tou phir gaon hai…people and things int their purest form.
    gaon kay peepal ki chaon!!…saran da saag tey makay dee rotee uttoon makhan πŸ˜‰

  4. Shakti Mehra said,

    Am sure I’ll love the pics. Anyways, wats the name of ur gaon? lemme see if GOOGLE has any info on it. πŸ˜‰

  5. Aamanna said,

    Hi SG,

    i like the sher, its very appropriate. I cant imagine the life of gaon wihtout being ther or rather without staying there with the same life of theirs. Visiting gaoon for relaxing purpose cant give the right feelings of gaon ..isnt it?


  6. jugnoo said,

    Beautiful pictures of a pure gaaon. You are lucky to have a house there & i am sure k hum sab us tazgi aur sadgi se mehroom hain jo k gaaon k logon mein aur wahan k mahol mein hai. I have been in my mother’s nanhiali gaaon but 5 to 6 years ago & that was the same looking gaaon & its name was “Ahmed poora”. I spent one night on the roof of the house aur us house ke deewarain choti choti theen aur mitti se deewaron ko lepa hua tha. Raat k waqt main akela soya hua tha jab main ne kuch awaz suni aur jab meri ankh khuli to buhat se doggy idher udher dor laga rahay thay aur meri khof se chekh nikal gai πŸ˜‰ aur bechare hamare rishtadar sharminda sharminda se ho gay k hamari mehman nawazi main shayad koi kasar reh gai hai. 😦 i went khet of tarbooz & tube well ke pass baith kar main ne kacha tarbooz tora aur try kia lakin meetha nahi tha. πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed my visit there aur ab pata nahi k kabhi wahan jaoon ga b k nahi. If i get a chance, i will take some pics too to share with all of you πŸ™‚

  7. esSJee said,

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ it is nice to read this… honestly.. koi punjabi bol ra to koi mazi me kho gaya..
    Imran! u r lucky…do avail the chance when ever u get it again… visit ur roots…

    well for us our gaoon has many attractions for us..we have been going there since our childhood…we have many friends there…u go there..some neighbour will make tazi tandoor ki roti for u..others will get hand on some n wo paka k lai ayegaa… khala masiian ajaingi gappain laganay… koi biscuits la raha hay..koi chai la raha hay… so its good to visit..but yes… for someone who doesnt have a gaoon really…should spend a few days of a wk or so…to enjoy really…

    ab to ni..bachpan me ..i used to ask some chacha…k mujhe apni bakriiaan de dain…mujhse aik nahi smbhali jati thee….usi k peechay bhag bhag k… n they handle 20-25 aiik to 2 bakri k bachay lai b i thee gaoon se ghar…

  8. jugnoo said,

    Buhat he maza aata hai sach mein, jab hum wahan gae the to aisa he mahol tha sab idher udhar jaldi jaldi kaam kar rahay thay k “shehron paronay ay ne cheti cheti karo ohna nu pukh lagi hoe gee” they were so nice & innocent people & believe me when i asked them k app shehar kyun nai a jate to unhon ne kaha k “sanu aithay he maza aonda ve shehr wich bara shor paonday ne lok” aur haan meri choti sis b bakri ke bache ke peechay dorta hue buhat khush hoti thee. Main wahan se zid kar ke ducks ke cute cute chicks ko le kar aya tha sath lakin unhon ne ghar ko ganda kar dia buhat to hum ne kisi ko de diye. Insha Allah i will try my best to go to gaon in my next trip to Pakistan to have refreshment & peaceful life πŸ™‚

    You really made my day yesterday when i saw your clicked pics. Khush rahain Dr. πŸ™‚
    Wish you all the very best in you career & life.

  9. esSJee said,

    πŸ™‚ my pleasure .. ameen..n thanku…

    mene to gaon me matti/garay ki lapaaii b ki huii hay aik neighbour k ghar me… or aik nehar pe ja k kapray b dhoay hain… tandoor pe rotian lagaii hain… dhood dhoya hay… rehet chalaiii hay πŸ™‚

  10. jugnoo said,

    Iska matlab hai k app “har fun moli” hain πŸ˜€ You really have enjoyed gaon ke life. Great lakin kya app ne goy ke thapi nahi lagi kya? (see pic 5) πŸ˜‰

  11. esSJee said,

    πŸ™‚ nahi … they are called Oplay ..or dung plate πŸ™‚ bachay call them gaaii k biscuit:)
    haan magar mene oplon se aag jalaii hay…us aag pe chaai banai hay… or kukrii charhaai hay, us pe..:)
    us khanay ki khushbuu he alehda hoti hay πŸ˜›

  12. esSJee said,

    goay is punjabi term..hay na?

  13. jugnoo said,

    Haan g Goya punjabi mein kehte hain aur beshak urdu main us ko opla kehte hain lakin jo grace goya kehne main hai wo opla kehne main nahi hai. πŸ˜€

    forgot to discuss about pic #6 i really enjoyed the voice of the men whenever they came to our area from nearest villages & when they say ” Purane kapre to pande lo jug lo glass lo balti lo tub lo” aur agar koi gali mein se us ko rokta to phir us ka purane kapre dekhne ka andaz aur phir customer se bargaiing karna. nai baji tuwade kapre te purane ne glass ni de sak da tusi tub ya balti le lo. Sounds good & sometimes i feel that how hardly they earn daal roti for their family wo phir chahe sardi ho ya garmi lakin abhi to ek arsa hua main ne yeh awazin nahi suni. ;( I am missing home now

  14. jugnoo said,


  15. essjee said,

    esa to phir hota hay… yeah that tome n voice…

    keep ur fingers crossed..ud visit Pakistan soon

  16. Saadie said,

    finally i can view the beautiful pictures :D, btw howdi doc??

  17. Khawab said,

    hey ihav never seen gaon in ma life….but wid ur pics now i really wana see one 😦
    huh ketna maza aya hoga na tum ko….

  18. essjee said,

    fine..thanks.. was there some pb?

    yeah/…gaoon me to waqai bohat maza ata hay… u r welcome to visit mine..i have 2 Gaoon…and both r bohat khoobsurat

  19. dowite1588 said,

    Hmm lovely pics πŸ˜€

  20. dowite1588 said,

    Hmm lovely pics πŸ˜€

  21. Fatimah said,

    neat…i wish i had a gaon to go to…

  22. saif said,

    i love gaaoonn , bt only to d extent of visiting, you people are very right, gaoon walay are really nice humble people, they dont have thing bad in there heart and mind, they are streight forward.. it doesn’t matter to them whoes guest you are, they all welcome you with open arms and always..
    not like us the city people, if someone visits us, we ask very nicely “khana khaliya?”
    and if the guest replies in negative, what we say “time pay khaliya kareen, deer say khana sehat kay liyay achaa ni” πŸ™‚
    most of the people use door eye,, if some unlike guest are there, andar say aawaz aati hai “HAAM GHAR PAY NI HAIN” .
    gaoon walay have open doors for all n for all time.

    but tell you people 1 thing,

    if you visit interior sindh , sindh kay gaoon, you will not be happy, they are not very loveing people, rather hate city people, they think that our influence can make them think high, the waderaa system is the worst system i have ever experienced. you even cant imagine, what ways they apply to keep there heads up, and force there people to follow there command..

  23. essjee said,

    Fatima..u dont need ur own gaon…just make a plan n visit any gaoon..n ud b amazed to c the love…if u have some friend jiska gaon hay to visit that would be great…:)

    Gaon me rehna is not that bad either… kitni piyaar or sukoon hota hay ..its lovely… gaoon ki hawa hi piyari hay… haan i know…Sindh me kia..Punjab k bohat se gaaon me b esa hi hay…magar itnai buray halaat ni hain..Sindh me to zulm ki intehaa hay

  24. Hammad said,

    nice pics essjee..!! well captures and well captioned…
    I liked your age…!!

  25. Adnan Siddiqi said,

    typical village pics but lovely. did you went interior sind or Pujab?

    So did you wear typical gaoun dress? typical “gaoun ki mutyari ” style? :>

  26. hira khan said,

    aawwww,reminds me of my gaaoooon……nice pics

  27. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Hi doc jee, nice pics!!!!

  28. hera* said,

    MashAllah the pictures are extremely beautiful………:D………..Im missing my gaon……..too bad all of us city people dont visit gaon as much……..its the most peaceful place one can find………the silence for miles…… moving at its own slow pace……..not being pushed into fast forward mode…………lovely!!

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