My gaon:)

May 16, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

we went to Ammi’s gaon in end of march… i had uploaded the pics and didnt post em..pata ni q… aj bohat dil kar raha hay gaon janay ka… shayed mausam bohat acha hay is liay…

kher letme share..


if u can c it clearly..aik baba ji is sitting near the chorpoy..smoking 🙂  is ghar ki diwaar tooti hui the…n mujhe ye dekh k wo shair yaar ara tha…..deewar kia giri meray kachay makaan ki…logon ne meray sehan se rasta bana liaa… and it true… gandum k khait hain peechay…

 humaray ghar k leeemo 🙂  were more than 8 kg

 my fav tasveer… i call it “AGE” 


cup or glass bechnay wala…itnay mazay ki awaz lagata tha na…

 me bhool gayee iska naam.. humaray neighbours me rehta hay…

  this is how they protect their young trees 🙂

gaoon me wo sb nahi jisay hum zarooori smajhtay hain..magar jo kuch gaoon me hay…hum us se mehroom hain…


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Myyy Kolaachii!!

May 7, 2007 at 10:32 pm (Life, Me@myself)



Yaar there is no place to shop like there was in
Karachi…yahan to naak chidani ho to chandi ki taar se koi ni chidtaa…everyone uses the gun… and in
Karachi..har choti bari shop me taar se chidati thee..along with guns…u had the option…

Yahan pe agar certificates ki plastic coating karwani hoto dhondatay raho shops..wahan har book shop me hoti thee…


Yahan agar chabi ki copy karnai ho to…das jaghon se pooch..wahan thori thori dair baad chabi maker 🙂 betha hota thaaa…


Although I don’t wear that lawn stuff..still yahan sbky aik prints..n
Karachi me..sabkay different:) well not sabkay..but most of them had a variety to choose…


wahan pe public transport system itna achaa tha..yahan pe choti choti suzukis chalti hain..un me aik shariff insaan beth ni sktaaa…beth jai to yehi sochta rehta k apnay paoon kahan rakhay…kab utray..or utray b to kesay? so majbooran taxiis

n wahan 25 rupay me ba izzat tarikay se poora Karachi ghoomo:)  Metro 🙂


Yaaaaaaaaaar I miss Karachi a lot… loads… last Friday while in OPD I saw a card under the table mat…it looked a bit like Dow..i pulled it out and it was a picture of Dow 🙂 since then iv been missing Dow and
Karachi like anything…


May be its because iv spent most of my life there…but there was something in
Karachi…something I cant find in the people here…in the markets here.. there is no social life here…in
Karachi even docs n medics had such a lovely life…seminars…workshops…CMEs and here???


We were planning to give Farewell to old House officers today…and we could not find a single good place to go or to make a delivery 4m…we ended in international food chains…
Karachi me to jaghain mukti ni theen…. International chains to baad ki baat..



I wish I could visit Karachi soon… 🙂 sb jagho pe ni to Bahadrabad ka chicken roll n Dilpasand ka special Faluda khanay ka mauka mil jai… yahan to wese Faluda b ni milta…jo milta wo kulfi falooda…kabab paratha to bhool he jain…


btw: Old name of Karachi was Kolachi…named after the name of Maai Kolachi 🙂 some fisherman’s wife..and a leader too… miss Kolachi!

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May 5, 2007 at 1:52 pm (Govt, Life, Me@myself)

1 month passed 🙂 lost 3 Kgs

and after 1 month i was lucky enuff to get a long weekend off:) ye b mujhe kal pata chala k my group was changed..and instead of a call on sunday i got a sunday off:)

did 2 consecutive calls and when i returned last night…i was dying with dehydration… well just because of the fact that i didnt get time to take supper n even water in last whole week… its all ur luck… i had all serious patients…n my friend who joined the same day when i did…had all stable patients:) so i had to keep running…for their tests…consultations and all…and when i got off ..i just wanted to take a 2 hr sleep rather than taking lunch or dinner…so have ended in bad dehydration…n muscle cramps

but the good thing is the way they make duas:) how a seriously ill girl with kidney failure ask u k the nurse is not good at taking a blood sample…she hurts..u take it for me 🙂  (even though taking blood samples it not our work… when we cant do it we ask nurses to help us in it..they r experts)

i dont understand the Govt systems… yesterday one of my patients..who is in deep Coma… needed a brain CT scan..urgently… and we were unable to find an ambulance…i didnt know the procedure i simple asked my ward master k “Sahab ambulance chaiay urgently..” n guess what he said…

“dr sahab u want me n urself to go for an explanatory call?” ” for getting an ambulance u have to submit the form a day before u want it to be there”

sg “sahab…mujhe urgent chaiay…humne abi decide kia CT scan ka…” ” u get me the form and let the MS call me for explanation”

i called Ms myself to explain everything..but he was in a meeting… and with no option…. i asked the attendnts to get a private ambulance… we had no option…

kia fazoool tareekay hain..k ji pehlay Parchii banwaoo.. hate it all…

kher…ab tak koi bari explanatory call ni hui meri… lets c when n what will make me go to MS explaining ..i hope if i ever had to would be for just n good

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May 5, 2007 at 1:10 pm (Me@myself)

Liya tha aik wada tum ney mujh sey..

Hamesha khush he rehna hai
to dekho…..

Dekh lo aa kar …
Meri Aankhon ko Dekho tum
Yeh kitni shokh lagti hein …
Merey Honton ko Dekho tum,,
Hamesha Muskuratey hein ……
Koi bhi gham agar aaye,,,
Usey hans kar sahaa main ne…
Merey chehrey ko dekho tum ,,
Hamesha pur sakon ho ga,,,,
Tou socho gey,,,

Kiya tha main ne jo tum se
Wo wadaah kar diya pora……..

Magr ek baat phir bhe hai

Kabhi jo waqt mil jaaye
to meri shaairi parhna

Tumhen mehsoos tou ho ga
Kaheen talkhi bhara jumla
Kaheen pe sard sa lehja….
Kaheen pe dard ki jheelein….
Kehen lehjey ki karwahat…..


 Main Khosh To Hon ,
Lahoo Har Lafz
Rota Hai…..!!!

Yahi Wada Liya tha na…Humesha Khush he Rehna hai…

tou daikho..

daikh lo aa kar…


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