April 23, 2007 at 10:16 pm (Me@myself)

 one of our lift walay chacha jii 🙂 always having some chapter of Quran with him, recieting ..and unki Qirrat is bohat achii… u can hear it before the lift reaches the floor… but when u r on the lift…he keeps reading silently… (i thought pic would be very blured..but it is there anyway)

 🙂 what to say… these are certainly not the ambulances:) but the Sawaarri of the High officials..the Heads, the professors… 🙂 i have never seen an ambulance here:)

 it happned today..this lady who is washing the hair of my patient…asked me k i want to wash her hair…she has been on bed for a long time now…i had no objection…and guess what??? that lady is not her relative…she is mother of another patient 🙂 i loved the scene..i stood there watched them..n kept smiling… and told my patient that she looked really nice after having a wash:)

this tube if u can c…is inserted in her chest…her whole right lung has collapsed…and full of Pus… one very brave lady…she has no one o attend her all day..still she is doing Sabar all the time…



  1. zios said,

    May Allah bless her and all the patients there with health.
    Nice meaningful pictures.

  2. jugnoo said,

    I love the pictures & same time i am feeling sorry 😦 for you patient lady. May Allah bless her with health very soon ameen. Does she have no relative? who is paying for her treatment? does she need anything? plz let me know. Ya Allah sab ko sehat ataa farma, ameen.

  3. jugnoo said,

    forgot to write but i love the scene in which that old but kind lady is washing her hair. Great to see people helping each other

  4. Dr Farrukh Malik said,

    All the three pics are very nice as the msg is great! Well prof. are like this everywhere…..even here tooo so its not surprising indeed for all of us who use to watch the same drama everyday!

  5. esSJee said,

    welll… hospital pays everything for that lady… and then we go n talk to some deparetments personally to wo exempt kar detay aksar dues…..
    btw this patinet is a charming ldy… today i was changing her dressing..when i asked..”khala dard to ni hori?” and she said..”dard ni hori to or kia horaha?”
    and smiled…

  6. Asma said,

    May Allah bless her with health and blessed life and this scene is so sweeet … so nice and thoughtful of this lady whose washing her hair – mothers are all like this no matter what age or whose … Lovely


  7. Hina said,

    Why isn’t anybody there to attend her? Can you like post her story??

    Many, many prayers for you and your patients and for everyone there.

  8. jugnoo said,

    Great to know. Thanks for letting me know & yes she is not only brave but hazir jawab too 😉

  9. khawab said,

    gal i must say u r doing big really big……
    i didnt know u r so strong…..

  10. saif said,

    yaar u have created a mast cen ,
    d place where prof. log ki car is park says, FOR AMBULANCE ONLY ,, tat meanz these are ambulances,, and woh come in ambulance??
    tat makez ur prof log patients ,,
    PATIENT MAMUU.. hehehe

  11. اجمل said,

    بہت اچھی تصاویر ہیں اور ایک ستھرا پیغام دیتی ہیں ۔ ڈاکٹر صاحبہ آپ تو روزانہ دیکھتی ہی ہوں گی ۔ میں ڈاکٹر نہیں ہوں مگر اللہ تعالٰی مجھ پر مہربان ہے اور گاہے بگاہے دکھاتا رہتا ہے کہ بھیڑیا نما انسانوں کی اسی دنیا میں انسانوں کے درد سے بھرے دل والے بھی ہیں اسی لئے یہ دنیا چل رہی ہے ورنہ شاید مٹ گئی ہوتی

  12. Shakti Mehra said,

    Awesome pics! the last one is too touching. This is why I didnt choose to be a doc, I cant bear such scenes, one has to be exceptionally brave to stay calm and treat some1 in such a condition!!!!
    And abt the ambulance zone, thats pathetic. Noone raises voice against such insane parking???

  13. Aks.. said,

    🙂 nice photos. the act of chacha ji is impressive, sahi baat hai jis nay ibadat karni hai wo kaheen bhi kar laita hai.
    wat to say and wat not to.. ab to dil bhi nahi chahta in baatoon pay dihaan dainay ka, we r addicted to these kind of biased policies.
    n’ a beautiful, touchy pic. mothers are all alike. Caring n’ loving!

  14. esSJee said,

    well one thing i forgot to mention…. this place i usually free for ambulances:) they come pick n drop and go… well but have never seem ambulance in it…

  15. Raheel Lakhani said,

    This gives me hope that we haven’t gone inhuman.

    Prays for all for good health.(Amen)

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