A New Turn

April 19, 2007 at 10:43 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

life has changed…drastically changed….. ENT se Medicine… lagta i have stepped into a new world…i have taken a great jump πŸ™‚ it is good…

i am feeling life after so many days… i am feeling the lost…i am feeling the duas..and effects of duas… i want to write..but i cant… i want to share but i cant… ajib c jhijhak …pataaa ni

may be… kher…am confused…bohat zada


medicine is awsome…extremnely great..marveeeelious:) ab lagta ENt me jhak marii…and now i have to do Surgery..a must… inshAllah after doing medicine… there are event i plan that i will write…but then the tired body doesnt allow me… there are these patients nd their families…

like this one yesterday…she asked me” doctor sahab ap thak jati hongi naa” (at 7:45pm) me”yes “she said..”ap bethain me apko daba doon” and i was like….aaall tension free…aall tairedness free:) euphoric and happy:)

its good…i dont know when i will be a Bari doctor….after spending about 17-18 years in parhaaaai…still we are no where…

anyway thanks for dropping by..thanks for remembering..n visiting…Β Allah has blessed me with loads…and much much more than what i deserve..alhamdulilllah.Β 



a part from email to my brother:

“ammi saying..badaam khao rozana and dooodh pioo… n apna bohat kheal rakho..

and kheer ka tareeekaa:

1/4th cup of chawal…unhain 2 piyali pani me ubaloo..sath he ilaichii daal do..jab wo achi tarha gal jain..us me ahista ahista 1 kilo dooodh dalo…n shuruu me halka sa mash sa kr lo….

phir usko paknay do…hilatay rehna occasionally kioonkay neechay chawal lag jain gay warna… jab garha hojai to us me cheeni daal lena…

as u dont like mewa khopa..so na dolo..warna end me is stage pe mewa khopa b dalai gaaa… thora or pakain…

taraaaa!!!! ready πŸ™‚Β 

kheer tayaaaaar πŸ™‚ ” ammiiis are great… Desi kheer heheheheh

p.s: am tooo tiredΒ  and sleepy to visit any blog…



  1. zios said,

    Good luck doc!
    May Allah bless you and your patients with good things…including home made kheer:)

  2. Shakti Mehra said,

    Congrats essjee, its in very few cases that we become what we want to be. Its awesome that u r in the field u r interested in…. like I dont even know what I am interested in. 😦
    Anyways, I find the hospital scene real depressing, i’ve been to a hospital once and I couldnt stand it, ppl are crying for their loved ones, doctors rushing here and there, this all is intollerable……… U are indeed brave and definately intelligent to be a doc. πŸ™‚

  3. jugnoo said,

    Masha Allah & Congrats Dr. sahiba πŸ˜€ i wish that you get more & more success & you become “wadi Dr. sahiba” insha Allah. I am sure that you will be so kind to your patients & their families & this is why you are getting tons of prayers from each and every one. Also we are praying for you too. πŸ™‚
    Kheer ke recipe main b try karoon ga kisi din & i will write back to you k kasi bani hai. All the very best

  4. essjee said,

    πŸ™‚ thanks..i wasnt expecting any response…
    and ameeeeen

    hospitals are no doubt not a place to be…as a patient…God forbid..but as a doctor… it is good:) i tell u…

    and Jugnoo!!! if u like coconut… Khopraa le lo…aik cup…and when almost in end it is thick..put that pisssaa wa khopa ( khopraa) in it and when u turn off the choolha aaad pissay way badaaam…1/4th cup n it is yummmyy…

  5. Adnan said,

    Are you done with gynaecology (spelling?)?

    And how’s your philanthropy going?

  6. Fariha Akhtar said,

    Nice to see u blogging after quite sum time…best of luck for everything u r doing!

  7. Ayesha said,

    am coming to eat kheeeeeeeeeeeer πŸ˜€

    btw, best of luck for ur job (pratice it is i guess :))

  8. essjee said,

    Adnan! its upto us…we choose ourself… we can do 1 year training in one subject..and we can even cut it into 2-3 months in each subject…but in most of the places..it is the Hospital which decides ..k rotations hon ya full…
    i dont like gynae so i didnt do it…

    and yes!!! good reminder… i have gone so slow…itnaa zada k dont ask ..but i am s\confident that very soon ..inshAllah…

    thanks Fariha πŸ™‚ nice to c u here aswell:) though i am about to rush so i wont b able to comment at ur blog…

    and thanks Ayesha:) yeah i need it loads:) yeah u r welcome …i can make it 4 u myself:)

  9. jugnoo said,

    Thanks SG for the additional info & yes i do like coconut & i can get khopra easily in market. Next monday i am going to make kheer for me & friends. I will try to take a shot & show you that how was that. πŸ˜€

  10. esSJee said,

    and yes… Jugnoo…do let me know kesi bani..n how did u like it…and get a picture..or two for me…

  11. esSJee said,

    i wuld suggest k take coconut…n usko khud grind karo..otherwise the khopra in market is not having that aroma n taste

  12. saif said,

    huuuuummmmmmmmm tyyyaari hurahi hai kheeeer main haat dalnay ki…

    gud very gud…. u frgt 1 thing .. KEEWARA .. yeh jab kheer main dalta hai too aur bhee gud taste aata hai …

    aaj abhee , at dis hour computer set kia,, windows ny tang kie huaa thaa,, computer dhkka start bana huaa thaa.. n i dont like mara huaa computer,, bz thaa aik dost ky sath msgz main πŸ˜‰ is liyay time ab mila sahi karny ka..

    keep lock to ur field.. n yes to ur GHARDARI , hehehe

  13. Kharilaos said,

    Sorry 😦

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