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March 26, 2007 at 12:06 am (general)

Travelling via Motor Way is always nice… a good road..smooth drive..tension free ride..good assitance…nice guidelines… and the view 🙂

Today while travelling back for my City….i realized that more Gas stations should be there…at every Rest area even…. the CNG is not available that readily..but petrol is…and now a days most of the users use CNG…. just before leaving Lahore we had a refill…but the CNG of that station was not good or what??? that it didnt help us for long….even though we had a refill at Bhera…still before we could reach the next CNG station..which was + – 65 kms away we had to shift to petrol….it was unexpected…as the single refill does 180 plus km..but the gas og MW didnt even last for 105-106 km…

the CNG of the stations of the MW are either substandard..or they dont fill the tank fully…that it runs less than it should…very less…

but one thing…i was wondering..that along the whole of the MW trees have been planted..which makes it an even better trip…and most of the area is covered by Eucalyptus…and if they keep planting it…(i dont know if they do) they can sell the old ones… to match box industry…and make millions… pata ni what is the least age of tree which they require for making match sticks…but it can be some good side thing…

well on the whole travelling via motor way is always great:)…and then driving yourself…or/and with a good company is extra ordinary zabardast!

 an update: I found this tree all around Lahore..and i simply fell in love with it…around PU it was in a good #…but i dont know its name or any detail about it.. there were Red/Oragne flowers.. with 4 or 5 petals..the petals were achi khasi thick n firm…i googled and found a tree somewhat resembling it…but i am not sure if it is the correct name… Kapok tree {Bombax ceiba (Bombacaceae) } still if anyone knows do let me know..


( this was the only better image…i was unable to get any clear image. cz of the light and then because we were moving)

Update #2: i found it 🙂 it is really called Kapok Tree / Bombax Tree 🙂 All About this Tree ..

just look at these clear images i searched from the net  and praise Allah




  1. Asma said,

    I dont why but I always love GT road drives … I like seeing ppl, towns, and then stopping after every half hour for pait poooja 😉

    Instead of eucalyptus trees that are shadier should be planted at both sides of M2 since in sunny days its almost unbearable to drive on motorway …!

    **and I’m saying all this as if I’m AWAKE — long journeys means sleeping asma :>

  2. esSJee said,

    uska apna maza… i like GT road ka safat from pindi to peshawar… but not to lahore..
    and it is good to be observant…:)

  3. Shakti Mehra said,

    I love roadside dhaabas. We go very frequently on a road-drive from Delhi to Jaipur or Ajmer. Its at least once a month. Ever been to Ajmer dargahh? Its lovely.

  4. Saadie said,

    The last time I was on Motorway I think it was 2000, luved it more than GT road. GT road was more bumpy plus those flying coaches never helped either :P. Daewoo changed it all for us :D. but yea agreed Peshawar segment of GT road was way better. Buttttt the diversion to GIKI with all those orange farms, woah and yums :D, not sure how is it now these days.

  5. Saadie said,

    The last time I was on Motorway I think it was 2000, luved it more than GT road. GT road was more bumpy plus those flying coaches never helped either :P. Daewoo changed it all for us :D. but yea agreed Peshawar segment of GT road was way better. Buttttt the diversion to GIKI with all those orange farms, woah and yums 😀

  6. esSJee said,

    No dhabas on MW…but yes…on the GT road..when we used to go to Nowshehra…there is a “WAheed Hotel” well it was just a dhabba and the name was that of a hotel… we always used to have abreak there…just infront of it was some one’s grave…an archeological site…and River Kabul…a hot cup of tea..with cream on top..and a lovely site…


    GIKI 🙂 same…on my last visit to Topi..the road was the same..infact the patch at Ghazi was under construction…so u can well imagine how it would really be…
    but after that long single road drive..when u enter GIKI its a good feeling…

  7. Absar said,

    I’ve only been on the motorway twice – once when my brother was getting married, and once again when I went to Punjab for that tour of Islamabad, Abbottabad, Lahore and Wah Cantt. But yes, the view is just simply… wow!

  8. saif said,

    its far more interesting to drive on highways than to sit n c fast changing scenes..
    i had traveld from Rwp to Lhr stayed at Lhr for only 2hrs and than back to Rwp, it was all driving .. wesay khi waloon ko driving kar nay ki kuch ziyada hi aadat hai , coz sometimes it takes 3 hrs to reach home, even though i live in certral district, n when there is V VIP movement on sharah -e – faisal ohh my my than u cant even think.. kuch pata nahin hutaa .. shukar hai yeh V VIP log khi main nahin rehtay .. dont knw phir kiya hutaa ,, i wonder if Rwp n ISL road’s are also blocked when there is V VIP movement,, President sahad subha subha nashta lenay jaa rahai hain too road block ,, SCHOOL KI CHUTTI, BATCHAY KHUSH,,hehehehe…

  9. iabhopal said,

    Are you talking of “Gul-e-Nishtar” tree, written as “Gulnaster” in English ?
    If one has go drive alone or in an old car, Shahrah Shershah is better but in company and with new car Motor Way is comfortable. Travelling early morning Shahrah Shershah is comfortable and takes less travel time from Islamabad to Lahore or back..

  10. esSJee said,

    Saif !!! well dont ask…the good thing is they dont move from the main city…otherwise it must have been how uv explained…but today is JAlsaa AAm of gen . Liaquat Bagh .. just in the centre of Rawalpindi city..and a local holiday has been announced:) all schools off… the V VIP movement is usually from islambad to airport..through the Islamabad Highway…so pindi is seldom disturbed..but Route lag jai sahii…hours are wasted….

    Thankyou Uncle… i dont know..i googled these words but i didnt find . .. i googled the images…with “Bombax tree” and i found them… it is also called Silk Cotton tree… and how it is beautiful..SubhanAllah… i am updateing the post with the clear images…i gathered from the internet..

  11. abu ameerah said,

    excellent pictures, mashallah!


    well put…LOL

  12. zios said,

    Yeps…SubhanAllah! 🙂

  13. Asma said,

    just saw the updates pics – they are so beautifully taken too masha allah apart from them being beautiful :>

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