Do You Agree?????

March 17, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Govt)

 S from Karachi:

Yeh kia horaha hayPakistan ko? vesay hi kia kam hangama tha, ab team b har kar ayeegee to pata nahi kia huga.


did u chjeck papers? Blogs? Everyone is mentioning internet and mobile connection lag. Patani:( police he kahun taur rahee…Wazir on air galiaan de rahay..pindi se islamabad k rastai aj b blocked..

S from Karachi:

Police kanun taur rahee hay! aur kanuun torta kaun hay???  net ka idea nahi cell set chal raha hay.vesay jo horaha hay acha nahi horaha..i tell all this is done to divert media from Iran. U C no Iran news is there in the news… May be we’ll be soon called Americans….

Bring it to notice then.write letter to Dawn and other news papers…Tell your friends..But international media to ab b Iran pe baat kar rahay…Akhbarain bhee… What nuksaan will be there of this Scenario to Pakistan?

S from Karachi:

friends? they aal are busy with hard education,har koi esa nahi sochta..neither they have any concern..kehtay..tum ho na Pakistan ka kheal rakhnay k liay… 😦
Opposition supreme court ki taraf n Pak land be available. they all know i.e Govt n opposiion..its all pre planned..neither of us can do anything..


 hmm. Opposition kuch kar b lai to kia hota hay?? nothing.

S from Karachi:

they are all America’s pithho.All have govt properties there..there families..childrne study there..buraai to hum jesaon k liay hay na..



  1. Fariha Akhtar said,

    It’s sad to notice that youngsters usually don’t pay much heed to what’s happening around them especially when it’s related to politics. Some of them r busy studying and the rest are busy partying out.
    Abt the role of opposition..yes…i feel S is right.. All this is preplanned and in my opinion American does all the planning.

  2. Raheel said,

    Kia twist dia hai purey maamley ko es chat ne. I guess mujhe ek do gaaliyaan bhi seekh leni chahiye minister ki tarah. Badi kaam aayegi sach main =p

    Motto: ab ajeeb si funny posts likhoon ga main blog per pehle jaisi. I am just sick of the state of our country man.

  3. esSJee said,

    Raheel !!!
    wese i was watching BBC usme me protest dikha rahay thay around the globe against War..wo yahan nahi and freshly set platform…phir mujhe S k ye words yaad arahay thay…

    and this is one other thing..dont stop spreading good…may be its because of ur words that someone gets a good message..of just and honesty…post all u want to post..but dont stop urself from saying what should be said..feel what others r too dead to feel…

    Say it load!!!

    thanks Fariha! yeah it is really sad…jo sochta hay..ya kuch bolta hay..usay Govt agencies GHAYEB karwaa detiin…u know na Khalid Khuaja case??????
    everyone has gone heartless…

  4. Fariha Akhtar said,

    aray Govt agencies tu duur ki baat hai esSjee….generally speaking, whenever u try to raise ur voice against something u feel isn’t right..u find a huge number of people behind ur tail.

  5. Shakti Mehra said,

    Well thats real sad. I had heard about this condition prevailing in Pakistan previously. I met a famous person from Pakistan who told me that there is no freedom of speech there. Newspapers aren’t allowed to publish certain things. If they do, there’s a lot of hue and cry. Man! u gotta give people some freedom, that is necessary. People should undo all wrongs. The best is to have a Democracy.

  6. jugnoo said,

    Jo b ho raha hai acha nahi ho raha. Pakistan ke apne halaat din ba din kharab ho rahe hain aur s ne sach he kaha hai k Iran ke koi news he nahi aa rahi. Zaroor daal mein kuch kala hai ya phir sari daal he kali hai. 😉 Aur ab to awam ko protest karne ke liye ek aur reason mili hai Pakistani team ke performance ko le kar. I am really sorry for Bob woolmer who prooved k he was working hard for our team. Allah khair kare

  7. esSJee said,

    no doubt!!! Mehra!! but still the private news channels show loads…

    esa nahi hay Imran! there are types n priorities of people..jin k liay Cricket important hay unkay liay sirf wo topic hay…bohat se aisay hain who dont give a damn about Cricket…they take it as a game and thats it.. well but Pakistan cricket team b tab khailai gi na as PAkistaniis jab Pakistan hee rahay gaaa… ni?

  8. Shakti Mehra said,

    Middle class plays a prominent role in raising the voice, asking for reforms, challenging the govt. and its not easy to fool them. Does a strong middle class exist in pak?

  9. jugnoo said,

    absolutely right SG, Allah apni rehmat kare & hamara Pakistan ta qayamat rahe aur dushman ke maeli ankhon se mahfooz b. Ameen

  10. Shakti Mehra said,

    Who are the “dushmans”?

  11. esSJee said,

    Well yes a large Middle class exists..but not strong..!!! people think that by keeping the eyes closed..we can escape the hard times…

    Dushman:) are even around between us…in us..and we are unable to fight them…fight our our fruitless priorities…

  12. Noor Mirza said,

    First of all we have to realize each and everything, the root cause is our education system, ………………………….,

    Who are the people in press???
    who are the people in black coats? what is there background???
    who are our teachers in schools, what are the realities about them???
    yeh itni lambi behss hai k we cannot do anything about this, we have to wait for MEHDI…

  13. Shakti Mehra said,

    Thank God and thank you essjee! the answer to the “dushman question” of mine wasn’t India. I’m glad that the people there also dont consider India as enemy. People always want peace. The govt’s fight. May the peace between India and Pak be achieved one day.

  14. esSJee said,

    agreed. noor!! but still ankhain band kr k beth janay se to kuch ni hota… if we cant stop them by our hands..atleast we can speak..and even if our words wont bring about a difference ..lets not stop believeing that what they are doing is wrong…

    🙂 Mehra! well if someone from Pakistan will be acting to destroy PAkistan in any manner..he/she wont be a Friend of Pakistan is it??? hence if an Indian does that he/she wont be a friend either… i dont believe that the individual acts are what the whole community believes… but yes..what the majority believes overshadows what an individual believes.

  15. esSJee said,

    n “AN ANSWER” i am sorry but ..if you want to say something..dont post as anonymous…….and with such controversial stuff no way !!!!
    be brave to tell who u r…then ur comment will be allowed to show up…

  16. An Answer said,

    You are welcome to Delete my comments if NAME (A TAG) is of higher precedence to u then the subject it self !

  17. esSJee said,

    its not name….i ddint mind Jugnoo..when its not a name…but yes..He gave an authentic link…. i myself dont use an authentic name..but the link and email are always authentic….

  18. An Answer said,

    “and with such controversial stuff no way !!!!”

    from an indian prospective for sure points i reaised are much controversial, but are they controversial for a pakistani also ? are you a Pakistani ? just asking !

  19. esSJee said,

    🙂 no comments!!!

  20. Asma said,


  21. Qadeer Ahmad said,

    پاکستان کے ساتھ جو ہو رہا ہے یہ کوئی نئی بات نہیں ہے ۔ ہمیں تشویش کی بجائے جشنِ بہاراں منانا چاہیے اور بسنت منا کر غم غلط کرنا چاہیے

    پیا بسنتی رہے

  22. esSJee said,

    This is true…. Qadeer! few days back there was an Eid millan party in a school here ..and they had sent a dress code for that..the kids were not willing to wear eid of the mothers went to chool to enquire about the non sense dress code….and the teacher said that …it was halloween too so i tought i should mix the function…

    AN ANSWER !!! dont think that i dont know who you are…

  23. Noor Mirza said,

    Well those few days back is i guess 31st of October or 30th of October 2006. So you got alot of candies from school rite?

    I guess people dont’ know about Halloween myth, that is why they are so attracted towards it, ……………………., u better tell that teacher about it. (Solution) 😛

  24. saif said,

    (read in Tariq Aziz style )

    wah jee wah maza aagay ,, Pakistan aik azeem mulk hai ,, yahan bht say rang oo nasal kay log bastay hain ,, sab aman o bhai charay say rehtay hain ,, Pakistan ki shqafat aik wasee o areez sakafat hai jiss kay andar dunyaa ki tamaam saqafatoon ko samuulenay ki salhiyat haii,, iss school nay aur iss school ki ustani say aik naie saqafat ko janam diya hai ,, HOLLOWEEN EID ,, mujhay iss school pay aur iss ki ustani pay fakar hai ,,
    kiya yaad dila diya,,
    jab hum school main huaa kartay thay too 12 rabiul-awal july kay mahhinay main aaya karti thee,, isse liyay ham 14 august aur 12 rabiul-awal sath mana kartay thayy ,, HAPPAY INDEPENDENT JASHAN-E-EID MILAD-un-NABI… meray bhaiooo mujhay yeh kehnay main koie daar nahin kay thuray hi arsay main haam eid ki namaz parh kar aik dusaray say galay milnay kay bajaay aik dusaray pay rang pheenkh rahai huunn gaay ,,

    (gud i cant rite in urduu ,, ammi always say “tumhari urdu kitni kharab hai” )

  25. esSJee said,

    🙂 thanks Saif!

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