Unjust??? No!!! much worse!!!

March 13, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Govt)

I don’t understand the Government…Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhary k sath to jo kia so kia…it is unfair with the public…why dont we understand???do we need to have more of a proof against the government to know that they are Criminals????? they are not sincere with us?????? do we need some more proof that they are people who dont care about Justice and Courts????

what if we need to go to the Courts some day(God Forbid) but do you think you will have full faith in them that they will provide you with Justice????? a place where the Justice is not forsaken ..how come a normal person like me or u will have a free hand??????All the advocates have united… alhamdulillah.. atleast some union…but if we all understand and stop being the lambs of some shepherd(Musharraf) we might find a better way to live…with more of air..more liberty..more independence of thoughts and words…. Or simply saying….LIFE…!!!!!

     check it and sign a petition, if u agree asking the President of Pakistan for Justice..

Shak-o-Shubhay ka waqat

http://www.voanews.com/real/voa/sca/urdu/urdu1700a.ram Voice of America..the talk on monday eve… listen to it …and compair it with what Wasi Zaffar has been saying on different TV Channels todasy…he has no words..does He??



  1. Asma said,

    Uff its something much much worse going on …. and this wasi zafar he’s one ******** …!

  2. FM said,

    I think its the Agencies working behind it
    as Govt spread rumour,” Elections may be delayed.”
    Now this action
    People will raise voice against the issue
    And attention will be diverted..
    So they can play as they want…..
    Isnt It?

  3. esSJee said,

    big Liars they are…just listen to how the statments are being changed…subah they say one thing and in the eve another…

    yes! shayed FM..i just returned..so no updates yet…but i am sure govt will try to do such thing..ok we are laymen..we dont know Law..lawers do…so how come they all are opposing this all???

  4. Qadeer Ahmad said,

    THE SPAM programme continues until you start writing in Unicode Urdu

  5. ahmad. said,

    Mushy likes dogs, few have given status of ministers 😀

  6. Saadie said,

    Situation is getting complete mess, if Musharaf was any sincere in this particular action of his he would have not allowed it to get so messed up. I feel so sick right now :S. Plus politicians have played their part in screwing it more. Just watching the scenes on Geo and it is making me sick. Tear gas? Shelling? Mob? Stone throwing? Who exactly is benefiting from it?? Everyone(read politicians) is just trying to take advantage of this situation. sick

  7. Saadie said,

    and in no way I am in favor of What Mushy did

  8. Saadie said,

    a complete political move advised by some idiot to him

  9. Absar said,

    All that has happened in the past few days is just overwhelming. I see two possibilities for President Musharraf now. One, he steps down as president and lets a ‘democratic’ government break havoc on the people – we all know that NO Pakistani govt. has been sincere since the very early days. Or two, he issues a Martial Law once more and continues as the Administrator.

    Either way, the people will settle down, and we’ll forget all that has happened, in a matter of days.

  10. esSJee said,

    thing is we have been fed like infants for last couple of years that now even if we want to we simply say..oh! unka masla they’ll tackle…

    i pray k Allah hum pe reham karay…
    my uncle was at Supreme court today(he is an advocate supreme court) and he told us how dreadfullit was there…they were all locked up… mobile services were down in morning when BBc gave it on the channel that internet and telephone connections are down and after about an hour things got better…i myself tried to connect and sent a few mesages..tried to call but to no avail…

    The government is Nutts…liars and cowards…and democracy shemocracy…!!! i dont know why dont they fear tommorow…
    Allah hum pe reham karay..ameeen

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