A point to ponder..

March 12, 2007 at 2:20 pm (general)

i recieved an E-mail with a link of some Website about Fake identity of our Prophet.peace be upon Him… asking to forward it and to make others AWARE of the website ..to be careful…

i believe that such emails should not be forwarded…a website will be known only if people are clicking it most often..they can have sponsors by that or what ever..but if no one will visit it what is the use of that website??????????

if we forward it to say 100 people…. and even if 20 people click on the link to check even…they have got it…but if we dont forward it..we wont be letting 100 NEW people know about it..and those 20 people wont be added in the vistors list…NI ????

 yes!! but what we can do is (the point raised by the fellow who had forwarded me the email..and after my point  this is what his opinion is) raise the voice to ban such websites…instead of placing ban on Blogspot…..that even if we who have forwarded such emails…click on the link for JUST information dont play a part in the publicity of such websites….



  1. FM said,

    Thanx sis!

  2. esSJee said,

    my pleasure!

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