Blogger is back!

March 10, 2007 at 10:10 pm (general)

i just found out that Blogger is working again 🙂 i can access all the blogs without that pkblog thing……i dont know if it is because of my internet connection or it is really free of the ban.



  1. Gul G said,

    dua karo kay yeh temporarly na ho!

    btw u’r tagged

  2. Saadie said,

    I heard that too now u must visit my blog , doc 😛

  3. esSJee said,


  4. Qadeer Ahmad said,

    Yeah, it’s working. But don’t worry, it will soon be blocked. Actually those people are working at more efficient blockage 😛

  5. Qadeer Ahmad said,

    please check your Akismet panel, my comments are going there 😦

  6. esSJee said,

    chalo what ever… Wrodpress is working atleast…dekhaitay hain ye kab ban hoti hay…
    i will check…

  7. Asma said,

    yuppp yuppp its alive and i thought u r moving back to blogger 😐

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