Pakistan Cricket Team…!!!! :)

March 30, 2007 at 11:27 am (Smile)



a scrap at Orkut 🙂


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Y people have 2 go???

March 28, 2007 at 11:26 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

 And now SID … i feel so ajib..same feeling…that terrible, awfully teribble feeling… y they go?

Mere Sabar Ka Na Lay Imtihaan,
Meare Khaamoshi Ko Sadaa Na Day,
Jo Tere Baghair Na Jee Sake,
Usse Jeene Ki To Duaa Na De…


Tu Azeez Dill-o-nazar Se Hai,
Tu Qareeb Rag-o-jaan Sai Hai
Mare Jism-o-jaan Ka Ye Faasla,
Kaheen Waqt Aur Barhaa Na De


Tujhe Bhool Ke Na Bhulaa Sakoon,
Tujhe Chah Ke Bhi Na Paa Sakoon,
Meri Hasratoon Ko Shumaar Kar,
Meri Chahatoon Ka Silaa Na De ,


Wo Tarap Jo Shula-e-jaan Main Thi,
Mere Tan Badan Se Lipat Gayi,
Jo Bujha Sake To Bujha isey,
Na Bujhaa Sake To Hawaa Na De,


Tujhe Agar Milein Kabhi Fursatein,
Mere Shaam Phir Se Sanwaar Day,
Agar Qatal Karna Hai To Qatal Kar ,
Yoon Judaiyoon Ki Sazaa Na De….

but still my dearest micro organism dost :)… u’d always find me here, for u…wish u the best of everything….. n me koi udas shudaas ni.. :s… 🙂 yaad aaaogii Massii ! …. Bohat yaad.

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Motor Way

March 26, 2007 at 12:06 am (general)

Travelling via Motor Way is always nice… a good road..smooth drive..tension free ride..good assitance…nice guidelines… and the view 🙂

Today while travelling back for my City….i realized that more Gas stations should be there…at every Rest area even…. the CNG is not available that readily..but petrol is…and now a days most of the users use CNG…. just before leaving Lahore we had a refill…but the CNG of that station was not good or what??? that it didnt help us for long….even though we had a refill at Bhera…still before we could reach the next CNG station..which was + – 65 kms away we had to shift to petrol….it was unexpected…as the single refill does 180 plus km..but the gas og MW didnt even last for 105-106 km…

the CNG of the stations of the MW are either substandard..or they dont fill the tank fully…that it runs less than it should…very less…

but one thing…i was wondering..that along the whole of the MW trees have been planted..which makes it an even better trip…and most of the area is covered by Eucalyptus…and if they keep planting it…(i dont know if they do) they can sell the old ones… to match box industry…and make millions… pata ni what is the least age of tree which they require for making match sticks…but it can be some good side thing…

well on the whole travelling via motor way is always great:)…and then driving yourself…or/and with a good company is extra ordinary zabardast!

 an update: I found this tree all around Lahore..and i simply fell in love with it…around PU it was in a good #…but i dont know its name or any detail about it.. there were Red/Oragne flowers.. with 4 or 5 petals..the petals were achi khasi thick n firm…i googled and found a tree somewhat resembling it…but i am not sure if it is the correct name… Kapok tree {Bombax ceiba (Bombacaceae) } still if anyone knows do let me know..


( this was the only better image…i was unable to get any clear image. cz of the light and then because we were moving)

Update #2: i found it 🙂 it is really called Kapok Tree / Bombax Tree 🙂 All About this Tree ..

just look at these clear images i searched from the net  and praise Allah


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Want to be Happy??? :)

March 23, 2007 at 1:48 am (Life, Me@myself, Smile)

 some text…worth reading n keeping in mind…i copied from Uncle Ajmal’s blog

To become happier, we either need to:

(a) Change the world,
or (b) Change our thinking.

It is easier to change our Thinking!


It is not the problem that is the issue,
but rather it is your attitude attending to the problem that is the problem.
It’s not what happens to you that determines your happiness.
It’s how you think about what happens to you!

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March 21, 2007 at 11:53 pm (Me@myself, Tag)

Tagged by Gul.

Meri 10 adatain/batain  jo mujhe pasand nahi….

1. ghussa

2. darr jati bohat jaldii

3. k har kaam theek theek ho

4. bohat sochna or parehsan hotay rehna

 5. apnay profession me khudko unfit samajhna

6. bohat jaldii trust karna

7. koshish k bawajood ansu na rok skna

8. har kaam me jaldi karna

9. bolna bohat, magar jo asal me kehna hota wo kabi na Keh pana…or isis me apna bohat nuksaan karwana..or doosron ka b.

10. har waqat hansii mazak karna..

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Udassi kam nahe hoti ..

March 21, 2007 at 10:57 pm (Life, Me@myself)

Udassi teergi hoti tu shayad
aik deeya aabaad kernay say he chatt jati
magar aisa nahee hay ..

udassi rasta hoti
tu is ko apnay pairoo say gina kertay
kahain tu ja kai ginti khatam hojati
magar aisa nahe hay

udasi paair(darakht) hoti tu
hum iskai saray bazoo kat kai mazoor ker daitay
zameen say is ka saya duur kar daitay
magar aisa nahe hay

udasi saal he hoti
tu hum khod ko yai sumjhaty
kai daikho 365 dino kee baat hay sari
udasi phir nahe hogi
magar aisa nahe hay

udasi daeaira hoti
tu hum is say kissi tasbhee kai khat kee terhan baher nikal jatay
koi tu aisa lumha mil he jata
hum sumbhal jatay
magar aisa nahe hay

udasi tu udasi kai siwa kuch bhe nahe hay
yahan jitnii bhee barish ho
yai mattii numm nahe hoti
udassi …. kam nahee hoti …..

Udasii Kam nahii hoti!!!!

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March 21, 2007 at 12:24 am (Life, Me@myself)

Aakhir Kioon??? ….. because i always end up thinking ..why???

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Do You Agree?????

March 17, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Govt)

 S from Karachi:

Yeh kia horaha hayPakistan ko? vesay hi kia kam hangama tha, ab team b har kar ayeegee to pata nahi kia huga.


did u chjeck papers? Blogs? Everyone is mentioning internet and mobile connection lag. Patani:( police he kahun taur rahee…Wazir on air galiaan de rahay..pindi se islamabad k rastai aj b blocked..

S from Karachi:

Police kanun taur rahee hay! aur kanuun torta kaun hay???  net ka idea nahi cell set chal raha hay.vesay jo horaha hay acha nahi horaha..i tell all this is done to divert media from Iran. U C no Iran news is there in the news… May be we’ll be soon called Americans….

Bring it to notice then.write letter to Dawn and other news papers…Tell your friends..But international media to ab b Iran pe baat kar rahay…Akhbarain bhee… What nuksaan will be there of this Scenario to Pakistan?

S from Karachi:

friends? they aal are busy with hard education,har koi esa nahi sochta..neither they have any concern..kehtay..tum ho na Pakistan ka kheal rakhnay k liay… 😦
Opposition supreme court ki taraf n Pak land be available. they all know i.e Govt n opposiion..its all pre planned..neither of us can do anything..


 hmm. Opposition kuch kar b lai to kia hota hay?? nothing.

S from Karachi:

they are all America’s pithho.All have govt properties there..there families..childrne study there..buraai to hum jesaon k liay hay na..

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Unjust??? No!!! much worse!!!

March 13, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Govt)

I don’t understand the Government…Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhary k sath to jo kia so kia…it is unfair with the public…why dont we understand???do we need to have more of a proof against the government to know that they are Criminals????? they are not sincere with us?????? do we need some more proof that they are people who dont care about Justice and Courts????

what if we need to go to the Courts some day(God Forbid) but do you think you will have full faith in them that they will provide you with Justice????? a place where the Justice is not forsaken come a normal person like me or u will have a free hand??????All the advocates have united… alhamdulillah.. atleast some union…but if we all understand and stop being the lambs of some shepherd(Musharraf) we might find a better way to live…with more of air..more liberty..more independence of thoughts and words…. Or simply saying….LIFE…!!!!!

     check it and sign a petition, if u agree asking the President of Pakistan for Justice..

Shak-o-Shubhay ka waqat Voice of America..the talk on monday eve… listen to it …and compair it with what Wasi Zaffar has been saying on different TV Channels todasy…he has no words..does He??

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A point to ponder..

March 12, 2007 at 2:20 pm (general)

i recieved an E-mail with a link of some Website about Fake identity of our Prophet.peace be upon Him… asking to forward it and to make others AWARE of the website be careful…

i believe that such emails should not be forwarded…a website will be known only if people are clicking it most often..they can have sponsors by that or what ever..but if no one will visit it what is the use of that website??????????

if we forward it to say 100 people…. and even if 20 people click on the link to check even…they have got it…but if we dont forward it..we wont be letting 100 NEW people know about it..and those 20 people wont be added in the vistors list…NI ????

 yes!! but what we can do is (the point raised by the fellow who had forwarded me the email..and after my point  this is what his opinion is) raise the voice to ban such websites…instead of placing ban on Blogspot…..that even if we who have forwarded such emails…click on the link for JUST information dont play a part in the publicity of such websites….

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