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February 23, 2007 at 5:07 pm (Life, Me@myself)

this is how time passes…today i got off with ym 6 months H/J.  gave me a farewell 🙂 me n farewell…saying that unhe mujh se kabhi shikayat ni huiii… but they didnt ask me…. me batati..shikayatain…

Alhamdulillah khatam huuiii… now a wk of surgery and then medicine.inshAllah …

kher… we have finally gathered and are finally waiting to start… have a group of house officers of different departments…who want to arrange Mobile Dispensaries for areas or villages where there is no Hospital or clinic around… if u all remember… i asked for suggestions but with the work condition we finalized that we will all go with a team to peripheral areas off and on..

acha for that…. we need help… most of the doctors who agreed are graduates of colleges from all over Pakistan…and even abroad…. so none of us is well oriented with Islamabad and pindi…

can anyone help …

we need funds… volunteers… sastiii tareeeen Hi-Roof or any Hi-Ace (instead of an ambulance)..a contact in a good Blood bank as we plan to arrange a blood donation camp with it…this is all we’d ask patinets to do for us… at maximum 5Rs. per patient… so that we can generate funds…. once we have enough people gathered…we wont ask for even the Rs.5 fee..inshAllah

and yes..if u have any area near pindi/isl in mind where there is no hospital near it so let us know… we will try to go there… if u wanna arrange a camp somewhere arrange it and we’d come …

it will be a very learning thing… not just for us…but anyone who would like to go…and do serious work.. for just fun…we wont take anyone with us…

if you know someone who can help us in arranging it…doing it..soem doctor..who have prior expeinec please do let us know…

and yes above all pray for us… we are all house officers…and with house job in medicine it will be very very tough..ENT was chill… so wish us all the best….

and i am very gratefull to the nice n kind hearted Doctors..who have agreed to work even with their extremely tough routine…. May Alllah be with us All.



  1. Hammad said,

    iam still a student depending on my parents to make me able to earn some. Meanwhile i can only offer you designing work. You can get my help by simply emailing me. dont reply here coz i am facing a wordpress ban from my ISP.

  2. Absar said,

    It’s a good thing that you’re letting your career fall into second place to do this. Jaza ka’Alllah!

  3. Shari said,

    Best of luck for all your good work 🙂

    Anyway How can i help you? You ask me in my blog???

  4. Asma said,

    Hmmm well in places nearer to Islamabad as in 2-3 hrs diameter many teams do go for occassional medical camps – since my sis and khala’s is a doc … so they used to go a lot such wise and i was in matric those days so I’d accompany themr as compounder to some 7-8 trips.

    So, in my personal opinion its better to search thoroughly for places where not many teams do go … and at start you can manage thru cars carrying the luggage — the min problems in these areas are related to gynae, some to obs, u’ll find ppl with goitre and ent kay bhi bohat cases hotay hain. the annoying thing is u’d find ppl who’d just want a check up to get coloured syrups … we used to keep vitamins and stuff (syrups) of diff colours to cherish such majority …. Blood?? would you ppl be doing minor procedures as well – I dont think so you’ll be needing that for a start ??

    baaqi I think if you’ve done enuff thought process and have a will then Insha Allah rest of the things wud be solved by Allah Almighty, Inshah Allah.

  5. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Jaza Ka’ Allah!

    Dear Doc, if this activity would have been in khi I would have joined ur group. I had contacts in Islamabad through Rotaract but its been so long that I am off the stage so…..

  6. esSJee said,


    great… i was expecting the most detailed answer from u 🙂 Thanks…

    yeah we know about that coloured syrup thing…. did ur khala go for some data collection too? input of patient record???

    anyway… no dear we wont use blood their..we will collect blood from their and bring it back to our hospital …they dont provide blood to patients without exchanging…if we can arrange some bottles they will give us the pints without even a donor…. we will use those bottles for patients in need….in emergency when many of patients die without having a relative to donate blood for them….

    minor procedures..yes if we need to repair things…when patients dont come to tertiary care hospitals we will do those procedures there aswell…

  7. اجمل said,

    آپ جانتی ہیں کہ میں دو جماعت پاس ہوں اور انگریزی میری مادری زبان بھی نہیں ۔ بہر حال کچھ کچھ سمجھ میں آ گیا ہے ۔ اس پر میں انشاء اللہ آج شام یا کل بعد دوپہر غور کرونگا اور نجیجہ نکلنے پرانشاءاللہ آپ سے رابطہ کروں گا ۔ ویسے تو لگتا ہے کہ اسماء صاحبہ نے آپ کو کافی کچھ بتا دیا ہے پھر بھی میں کوشش ضرور کروں گا کچھ نبر بنانے کی ۔ ہی ہی ہی

  8. esSJee said,

    uncle !beshak asma ne bohat detail me sb kuch kaha hay…magar asma ka na to tajurba aap jitna hay or na uski raai ap wali hogeee…

    mujhe intezzar rahega

    aik meri angrezii bohat kamal…. doosra :$ meri angrezi typing ki ghaltian hee itni hoti hain…jo thora bohat smajh ati honi hay baat wo b ni ati hogiii :$
    aainda ahtiyaat kruungi

  9. Saadie said,

    🙂 goodluck, keep posting your progress and i am sure that will make it easier for us to help you people more.

  10. Xill-e-Ilahi said,

    more power to you.

  11. noormirza said,

    Nice to hear about this mobile operations team. If i can be of any help do let me know

  12. Adиaи said,

    🙂 I’ll pray for you people.

    Actually, it’ll be more appropriate if I make prayers for unwell people.

    But actually, they don’t really work much. So, it don’t really make any difference.

    But uh, good luck :).

  13. Adиaи said,

    oh and btw have you talked to concerned authorities and made it certain that the lady health workers that they tell about on PTV are not already working in those areas?

  14. esSJee said,

    🙂 Thanks people! Blog has always helped me find better options, friends, support, ideas and strength…

    I will Saad! inshaallah

    Adnan!!! prayers never go unanswered… so always pray with Faith..that is important…

    yes! the LHW u are mentioning are not working 🙂 peoperly.. and if they r working they r only for awareness and r just trained to give injections/ giving anti malarial drugs if the pt has fever with chills…and drugs for fever etc….basically for Family planning that is…but practically LDWs are not working as they should….

    we will be talking to some consultants inshAllah within this week….hope to find a good leading team… so we’d have a good support…n guidance

  15. Asma said,

    essjee, since my khala’s a gynaecologist so she used to deal with certain such related probs – yah records of things as diseases, meds, symotoms stuff banatay tu thay .

    chalein jii best of luck in consultant meetings :>

  16. unaizanasim said,

    You can ask Dr. Tasneem Butt Radiologist posted at JPMC. Shes very experinced and since we have all worked very closely in EQ areas she might be of great help in arrnaging residence, medicine etc.
    Email me if you need more details

  17. esSJee said,

    thanks Asma!

    Unaiza 🙂 JPMC:) if..only if i were at Karachi…then i didnt need to find new support…
    anyway thanks a lot ..

  18. jugnoo said,

    Jazakallah khair, Allah always be with all of you for this good cause.
    Best of luck to all of you 🙂

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