February 21, 2007 at 5:50 pm (Life, Realities)

The toughest decision is to decide which bridge to choose to cross when you have a few options and yet you dont know what would be at the other end of each bridge…!!!!!



  1. Xill-e-Ilahi said,

    very true

  2. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    But still life goes on like that!

  3. GH said,

    Go for ‘Istkharah’

  4. jugnoo said,

    Yes i am agree 🙂

  5. GH said,

    Waisay bridges daikhnay main ziada nazar aa ray hain, in may aik janay ka hai ore dosra wapis aanay ka 😉 Keep your road 😉

  6. esSJee said,

    its like running out of time and still cant decide….
    istekhara kr k b smjh na aye to insaan kia karay….

  7. GH said,

    Offer two nafals and pray to ALLAH for help in making a wise decision and ask for HIS continued guidance & blessings in whatever you choose to turn it into a rewarding and right decision.

  8. esSJee said,

    🙂 jazakAllah

  9. Asma said,

    way to go GH … May Allah help you eSs jEe in every endeavor of urs :>

  10. Shari said,

    Life is like that tricky

  11. Raheel said,

    Life is uncertain and that scares me too but that is a spice in itself.

  12. How I See It said,

    If “the bridge” you’re talking about is really which “god” do you follow then that’s easy. How many of the great religious leaders is still alive? Only one, Jesus, and the Bible tells us the full story from Creation till the time those who believe in Him will worship Him in heaven.

  13. esSJee said,

    no… i was not talking in that sense….
    just options to decide on different matters in my life..apart from religion.

  14. s 4rm Khi said,

    well doc its a bit funny way but it help a lot..
    u knw how traffic jams in khi specially at peak hours..
    there r many way going 4rm 1 place 2 another (bridges too)..
    when ma mind stops working n its of no use to calculate any probability..
    u knw wat i always do…….

    akar bkar boombay bhoo
    asee naway puray 100…

    taraaan prob solved..
    must try some time.

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