February 13, 2007 at 9:03 pm (Life, Me@myself, Realities)

world is not to be trusted… life is going on….

 good thing about rawalpindi… pani ni khara hota..jabkay in Karachi abi pehla katra para bijli b gayee or sailaab b agea

 kehwa in barish!


these lines have been pinching my mind for some days now… and very true

mein binte hayaa ho k b ho jati hun maatooob

wo ibne hawas ho k b ruswaa ni hota




  1. Asma said,

    Ahh haa seems liek you are enjoying and such a cuttte card it is :> Grato rox … Whenever I go to muree road … grato ki jalebi garma garam .. and who’s this chonoo bonoo baby’s hand … !

    *sigh sigh* on last verses … male dominant society 😐

  2. Xill-e-Ilahi said,

    very nice shair to end things up. 🙂
    parveen shakir?

  3. esSJee said,

    i dont know…i dont think it is parveen shakir..
    my cousin..was at their place and the maze ki baat..Asma! me n she have the same names 🙂
    its not dominance..its …ptaaaaniii…

  4. jugnoo said,

    Hmm, you are having fun in rain with qahwa & jalebissssss. Card is very nice.
    Nice verses for ending your post. Lakin main aisa nahi hoon 😆

  5. jugnoo said,

    Aur haan second picture with rain drops is amazing & it shows how creative you are. Well captured.

  6. esSJee said,

    can u guess ye kis jaga ki picture hay? ya kis cheez ki Jungnoo! ????
    random clicks… i am not a good at taking photographs… well if i ever get time off its what i do…

  7. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Well good to see this post the card, Jilabi thing and Kahwa are magnif. Yeah true abt saelab prob in khi. Few days back barish hoye thee and I had face alot of trouble with my bike.

    Abt house job thing, if you were not planning ur PG in ENT why did ya waste your time. Well might be some reason that I may not be able to understand. Besides I have learnt one thing that first term if someone is doing, he must join some medicine ward latter he can go for surgery thing since its hectic to go for medicine HJ its better to do with jazba prevalent in newly graduating docs. I may be wrong but thats what I feel at the moment.

  8. Shari said,

    Getting anything from sibling is always cool. So enjoy that card

    As far as Photographs are concern i don’t fine them bad I’ll say you are good at them.

    Hmm may be you are right in that poetry but i would say difference come from person to person.

    And yes you took decision then to do house job where you wanted then so stand by that “period”. hell with what other say you need to satisfy yourself not others .

    So Doc smile 🙂

  9. esSJee said,

    🙂 thanks Shaarii !!! i am smiling 🙂

    and Dr.Farrukh!!!
    🙂 i have my reasons… zada laaaiq logon ko smajh ni atay…

    i was new here in rawalpindi…so it was tough for me to get settled…but with time people knew me..i got oriented so i enjoyed ENt more than i liked it in Final year…

    and it is not because of ENT that the time seems years…. there are some other personal reasons..otherwise…time went away like vapours…dispersed in air..no clue…

    i feel the same zeal, same love and passion .. thats the only good thing about me

  10. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Thats wat counts dear, for a doc he must stay dedicate if he cant he is not worthy of this sacred profession. Sorry if my comment hurt you!

  11. jugnoo said,

    I think ke car ke bonut ke pic thee. am i right?
    Allah bless you 🙂

  12. esSJee said,

    its ok Farrukh.
    yeah u r right…Jugnoo!

  13. Saadie said,

    so whats next from here, thought about anything or still waiting to see how the things turn up? Anyhow Goodluck.

    Hmmm last two lines and the previous post hmmmm 😉 :P.

  14. Gul said,

    WOW! Caught by Magic of Mausam…….Tussi baray hi Gr8 ho …..jalebi ki tarhaan straight ho :-D.

    Come ‘n come’n gal come out with some nice depictions as u’r doing though, i can understand as fully deprive of my digicam these days.

    *ahem*…xcooose moi!, why that ‘Gaiti’ u put it in ur blogroll, lol sweet heart its not my public name so can u again switch back to ‘Gul’ :-), aur oooper say Gaiti ki spelling bhi ghalat 😀 its Geti my jaan.

  15. esSJee said,

    ok i’ll chnage

  16. Some One Some Where said,

    Nice pics,

    and the last lines is awesome

    mein binte hayaa ho k b ho jati hun maatooob

    wo ibne hawas ho k b ruswaa ni hota

    nice blog

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