February 5, 2007 at 12:12 pm (Me@myself)

Some events are so memorable…. simple yet extremely nice…


we went to our Gaun yesterday… and not just us..whole of our immediate relatives… my dada..and my fathers all chacha/tayya and phuphii and their all aulaad..

i have met some of emm after many years and i didnt even know their names…i was on call on saturday..and unlike most of the other calls my saturday night went very busy all night long. i slept at 4:30am and at 8:00 my father was at the hospital to pick me up..and from their we dirctly went to our gaun..(Chirrrah)… and am happpy i didnt go back home to sleep..and went with them

none of our family member lives there …but the houses are pretty nice.. our house is in betweeen the khaait..and there was sarsooon alll around…there was no typical village home around…

   (sarsoon ki khushboo is bohat piyari)

kher…what is most remarkable is the way the chachiiis made mattar pulao and chicken…though my dada had offered to bring Daig with him..and she all refused k sab mil k bnain gay..n believe me nimak mirach was not as good but the taste was remarkable… and we all enjoyed that part most… then the making of HAlwa and tea on the same brick stove ..

 (abu’s chachi making chawal…initial phase..note the clay around the daigchaa??? just to keep it from gettn black..when they are going to wash it it will be glittering one lying on the floor)


🙂  we were mashAllah 50 plus people there (25 men..16 women..and all other kids)..and all of them were so nice..simple

🙂 inshallah we plan to goto Ammi’s gaun with nanihaal soon.. there we’d have B.B.Q. inshallah…that house of nana ji is surrounded by all matti k typical houses of gaun…a must visit place.

  lucnh when i started…a chacha put in dahii…and a chchi had added a piece of chicken… it was soo yummy… but look what happen in the end:

 (right one’s mine)the chachas , they kept comming and putting some boti in everyone’s plate…uffff at the end i was just about to have a vommit.4 pieces in my plate…..when one of the chacha said..i would know if you have enjoyed or not if you finish whats in ur plate… so took another 20 minutes to finsh.

  did i mention? she is the lady who was cutting “chara” for her bakriaaan..and we went into the khaitt with her permission..she was the only garaaeeen around…



  1. Gul said,


    Gaun ki chori enjoying …ahaaan! Well u’ll be inviting us to ur pind bcoz this is enticing all u sketch.

    Btw, @ very first pic I first got a signal that its purely our own Dr sahibaaaaaaaa :D, nahi?

  2. jugnoo said,

    Thats wonderful to know about your trip to Gaun. I just love it the way you people cooked food & the way your relatives were putting boti in each plate. Zindagi ka ehsas hua hai is post ko parh ke. You are lucky that you had those moments to enjoy & i wud wish you that you have more fun in next trip to your ammi’s Gaun.

  3. jugnoo said,

    Lovely pics forgot to mention. Thanks for sharing this memorable trip. 😀

  4. Asma said,

    Ohhh cute … and well pajli pic pay mujhay bhi yahikhayal tha kay yah kaheen doc sahiba tu nahiiin 😛 Koi saron kaykhat may nahi pic khinchwai … ??

    Koool …. keep enjoying … :>

  5. Dr. said,

    🙂 U got me now Gul! n Asma! i thought i was not looking nice in it 🙂
    it was the bhains of the guy who takes care of our family houses…

    n imran! they were not just putting botiiis we could feel the generousity…and love… genuine khushiii

  6. Shari said,

    After watching these beautiful pictures of a village and reading a wonderful post from you describing village life and everything else ,………………. for the first time i am thinking that having a village of once own is also a blessing of Allah. As my mom and dad both belong to Lahore city , i have no idea how a village life is.

    So go on and enjoy because there are many like me who can only think of having a wonderful experience like that. 🙂

  7. Edward said,

    food looks delicious. now i am hungry. great pictures

  8. jugnoo said,

    DR. sahiba main bhool gaya un ke hospitality ke bare main likhna aur mujhe botis he yaad reh gain. 😉 well abhi keh deta hoon dont mind. Mera matalb mazaq udana nahi tha.

  9. esSJee said,


    i am blessed no doubt Shari!
    it sure was..Edward!

  10. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    The love of one’s roots keep attracting, one have no reason but he feels very close all these villages and people are very close to flesh and bones. I liked your this post v v v much!

  11. Xill-e-Ilahi said,

    must be so cool to have an ancestral gaun to go too. nice to see someone in touch with their roots. 🙂

  12. Hina said,

    I’m missing you! 😦 Where are you today? You faltoo doc!! *annoyed

  13. esSJee said,

    kia hua hay??? u ok? …
    well i am not just a faltoo doctor…i am a faltooo person as well…

  14. Absar said,

    Wow. That must’ve been refreshing.

  15. जगदीश भाटिया said,

    Gaon are very much same across the border here in India also 🙂

  16. Saadie said,

    lol good post, so like does anybody lives there like manage it?? or sub living in city?

  17. Bintai Hawwa said,


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