Some Rights!!!

February 2, 2007 at 8:47 pm (general)



  1. Dr. said,

    after posting it… i saw it at GH’s blog too… he had posted it way before i did…

    n Asma that Tag !!! 🙂 i will do it in a few days….will get u a picture from my workplace…thats only place where i use a pen, these days… n urdu it in tag too?
    if it is i will get u a pic from my diary! 🙂

  2. Shari said,

    yep i saw it on GM blog too but still i would say that they have right to say what they like its a free country 🙂

  3. Asma said,

    THIS very piture was on GH’s blog, then I found it in Flickr (some grumpy_y), then Lahore MB and finally Karachi MB … and NOW you … isn’t it popular lolz … oh yah I forgot it was in dawn too … GOSH … 🙂

    k ok take your time I’d luv to see both handwritings :>

  4. Gul said,


    This must be heard hana? general sahab ko khud bhi aasani hogi 😀


  5. Dr. said,

    agaayeee madam aaap …

  6. jugnoo said,

    I saw it for the first time & i am laughing. Thanks for bringing smiles to me 😀

  7. Dr. said,

    🙂 think aswell

  8. اجمل said,

    ہوں ں ں ۔ خود تو چھاپ ديا اپنے بلاگ پر اور مجھے کہتی ہيں کہ سمجھنے کی کوشش نہ کريں ۔

  9. esSJee said,

    🙂 انکل وة میں نہیں تھی۔
    ہماری ایک اور بلاگر ھے۔ Gul

  10. Saadie said,


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