Doctor of no use….

January 22, 2007 at 8:56 pm (Realities)

We had gone to Murree this weekend..and on our way was MAghrib ka time…when my father parked the car near a mosque….he went inside the mosque and we were waiting for him..when about after 6-7 mins my father was calling me to come inside the mosque….

i was really happy that he was asking me to offer my namaz inside the mosque as i was really willing to go inside which he didnt allow, first…

but when i reached the main door…i heard my father saying be quick and have a look at tis child…

a little 10-11 yrs old boy was lying there on the floor, unconscious with some jerking movements of his legs… I immediately askde people to give him space to breathe better….everyone moved away…i and the Imam sahab were with that little child…he on his left me on the right….

i put my right hand on his was regular…and it was an Epileptic attack….ok nothing to worry about… but while i was exlaining this to the Imam Sahab the boy uncounsciously took his hand to his neck and held it soooo hard ..and was throttling himself… i opened his grip…bari mushkil se… and kept one hand on his was regular…nothing to worry about…. we had to wait till the attack subsides…

in the mean while another doctor came into the mosque..he was some specialist of Holy Family Rawalpindi… and he backed me…was relieved… we both diagnosed it as Epileptic attack…and that he dont need any drug now but yes…a proper treatement later…

the boy.Shehzaad:) i remeber… the jerks had stoped..and he was calm… his pulse was regular even then… i had pinched his ears soo hard in the beginning to c if he was acticng…but no…

after abour 2 mins he took two deep breaths and ..opened his eyes… i enquired about any pain in the body…he was fine..

suggested them to bring the child to a Bara Holy Family and…left…

in an epileptic attack..the normal working of brain is suddenly increased..(in simple) and more than normal ammount of brain stimulus is released…which causes fits…. in home we dont have to do anything..just c that the patient doesnt get hurt by falling..or anything…but DO NO DO ANY KIND OF ZABARDASTIII with the patient at that time… this subsides it self in seconds to minutes…

people usually make the patient smeel shoes..but till the time they do it..the attack subsides itself…

but what this incidence had taught me is…that i am of no use if i dont have emergency drugs and stuff with me…. if he was a patient of Heart attck and not an epileptic attack…. ???

well iv learnt to keep them with me now…a good lesson… making my emergency drug case…

inshAllah next time i come up with any emergency situation i’ll be having my kit..inshaAllah



  1. Asma said,

    Good job doc and welcome back 🙂

    Inshah allah … a doc in need is a patient indeeed (umm a bit sleepy i’m ) 😉

  2. jugnoo said,

    Thanks to my dear Allah that you were there 🙂 & on the spot to diagnose him. He must be thinking now that who pinched his ear? hehe. Its true k app ko emergency bag zaroor sath rakhna chahye kyun k kabhi b kuch b ho sakta hai so must be prepared for such emergencies.
    A doctor in need is angel indeed 😀

  3. Shari said,

    Ah …. it was a very good post very informative. You did a good job doctor keep it up and yes you are right …………

    So don’t forget to keep life saving things with you

  4. GH said,

    *Gives a devilish smile and disappears*

  5. Dr. Muhammad Umer Salim said,

    Bravo !!!

  6. Dr.Muhammad Umer Salim said,

    Great job doc

  7. drumer said,


  8. drumer said,

    You did Great job … so how was the excursion to murree ?

  9. Dr Farrukh Malik said,

    Hmmm since its a matter of consideration to have kit with ourselves emergency kit. Yesterday I sitting in my apartment, the next door neigbour aunt got her shoulder displaced due to lax tendons and I went to see her and felt the same thing. Thanks God the medical store is quite near so gave her first aid and they arranged to go to JPMC. I do have steth and B.P app but lack of Emergency medicines and shots are must to carry things.

  10. Hina said,

    Not just docs, but everyone should keep a first aid kit nearby all times .. no?

  11. Dr. said,

    Murree is too crowded…but when we went it was khali..even mall road… and that od hous ewas near mall road so…we enjoyed lots..

    yeah Hina! indeeed

  12. Raheel said,

    There are two types of lessons. Ones are those that you learn anyways, others are when you realize and take the most out of the situations. I don’t know which type of lesson is this but life teaches us those things all the time. God is great. Great post.

    And Dr. saheba please help me, my physician and piercer has made my dimaag ki dhai.

  13. Dr. said,

    🙂 alhamdulillah the second type.

    yeah whats bothering u?

  14. Adиaи said,

    well that don’t make u a doctor of no use.

  15. jugnoo said,

    Sab Bloggers Jaagtay rahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😉 A reminder from WordPress Services Center 😀

  16. Asma said,

    u r tagged 🙂

    and i’d luv to see this doc’s handwriting lolz 😛

  17. GH said,

    @Asma: Sab doctors ki Hand writing aik si hi hoti hai 😉

  18. Aamanna said,


    its nice to have such kind of post for two reasons: 1. u share your experience and the lesson u learned and 2. u share the knowledge, which i think is very important …

    keep up the good work


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