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December 26, 2006 at 10:18 pm (Life)

shayed i miss my diary alot…meri 2001 wali diary me ab tak pages khali hain…aik saal se zada hogea us me i havnt scribbled a line…a word even…though it is always there on my bed side…and i open it read the old memories…smile…n sometimes miss the good old times…may be thats why when i write in my blog i forget that i am not alone…sometimes u need someone to really know k ji bus meri sunay…ni?


Acha the point…

i need U people! well infact many deserving people need you… Govt hospital like mine..charges 2500-3000Rs of a CTscan…which is totally un.affordable for the people who work on daily wages… people beg us to give drugs..and the samples we rozana he milti hain…many docs give them to pts..many take them with them for their private practice…

one of my patient’s mother…touched my feet 😦 n i felt like simply killing myself…aik maaan paoon pari v meray k bachay k liay kuch kr do… i do all i can..i have some very great friends…who r continously supporting me… from all over Pakistan….but it is never enough…i am in ENT chota sa hospital hay…is me poori nai partii…

all the injectables are provided by the hospital(supposed to) but at times stock is less.then we have to ask pt to get them from outside..i was looking at the price u know… one of the injection costs Rs 350.. that injection is usually in bi.daily dose..that is rs 700 per day….the ear drops i usually write are of Rs120….Oral drugs…drops..mouthwashes…ointmenst are not provided by the Hospital…and they cost alot…

CT scan inside my hospital costs atleast 2500Rs… for ghareeb tareen…and for people with Talukaat its FREE:( ghareeb rota rehta..uska bacha mar jata magar pesay lao..CT karao…

Tell u the truth..the PWA at Karachi..was working very nicely…providing free drugs….after cheking the files…and we dint need any zakat form for it…

we had that desaster last year… uska josh charha utar gea…i m in this set up…i know how poor patients suffer..i am not worried abt funds..i am not worried abt threats… govt hospitals ki politics..u know…all i am concerned is… i need suggestions… what my friends have been doing is not to be highlighted…but now we want to do more n better…

i need suggestions…tell me if u have been to govt hospitals…what is it that u think other doc friend can do for patients? for POOR patients? volunteers, always welcome!

i am counting on u!



  1. |eemz said,

    First of all lemme congratulate u on ur approach, not many doctors think on these lines now-a-days.
    Secondly, we need more hospitals like Shaukat khannun, they are doing quite well, serving the poor one may say, in the right way. How about building something like it too, as far as funding is concerned im sure loads of ppl will be willing to do so.
    Frankly speaking ive never been to a govt. hospital but hear alot abt their mismanagmants, looking down on the poor behaviour etc etc.

    Ummm how about reserving money for ppl who can’t afford to pay the charges, so when some deserving one comes to the hospital all u gatta do is provide him with all the money he needs, if he needs a CT-scan, pay his expenses through that sum of money.
    will let u know when i get more of these ideas, insha ALLAH.
    in the end, three cheers for u guys…
    MAy ALLAH bless you all,
    stay beautiful.

  2. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    I know how it feels to see all this happening around and feeling of helplessness. Happened to work myself in such an atmosphere all one can do is to step ahead and collect some money to the extent that he can afford by asking friends, families and fellows latter this kitty can be utilized for betterment of poor.

  3. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Ahh I would like to quote the example of Dr Adeeb Rizvi, the founder of SUIT, one of my CA friend happened to go to SUIT for SUIT and he quoted Dr Rizvi saying that he started gathering donations when he was working in ward just like another Doctor and bit by bit he happened to touch the extent that he is serving thousands. Believe in one and keep spirits high world will follow you thats what I believe in

  4. Saadie said,

    Hey great cause :), have you guys got a dedicated team made or something? people who can give time and are atleast in same country if not city(infact must be city). Ummmm then after that start coming up ways to generate funds, PWA does a great job you can do something in similar lines. But you will need continuous pumping in of funds and for that active members.

    so far itna hee i can think of.

    PS: Shaukat Khanum was a huge project and for that one needs a huge personality..

  5. Dr. said,

    thanks a lot…funds i have…alhamdulillah! but not for shaukat khanum:) For Imran khan even women gave their jewellry…which is impossible to get…as no one knows me..or my friends….

    Farrukh! Dr.adeeb is one person i love as a doctor…u know? he never used to come with protocol…one middle aged man …comming in slippers to his opd…walking through the crowd…used to be him:) and such a great person…once got scolded by him for using the elevator for patients:D i never used it afterwards…

    hmmm so i should start with drugs? cz CT scan ..once in a month can be afforded at this level..but free CT scan cz on avg we wld be having at least 3 pateins per day for CT…yes this can be done that i only keep in mind my ward…and then gradually go to others…

    will wait for some others…. thanks a lot guys…

  6. Dr. said,

    Saadie! hanji i have some very generous people in my team.small team but have been there supporting me for so long.some very kind hearted as well.( chaalaak as well… in disguise ..but getting all sawab)
    though in Pindi i am alone to work at the time, but have some people in my mind..jin se i talked n exchanged ideas in last 4 months and am sure for there support… they have been helping patients at their own level but me and my friends from other parts of the country have agreed to make it a proper work way at Pindi govt hospitals…as this is being done in other govt hospitals….

    SWOT is being worked upon…

  7. Dr. said,

    n yes! once this SWOT analysis is complete… i will post the list of people we would be needing… 🙂
    waiting for more suggestions…

  8. Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal said,

    The best suggestion is given by Dr Farrukh Malik at serial # 3.
    ہمتِ مرداں مددِ خدا ۔ قرآن شريف ميں ہے وَلَيسَ لِلْاِنْسَانِ اِلَّا ما سَعَی
    Shortage of hospitals, rather acute shortage of hospitals, and corruption has resulted in to what we see today. The only way out is that the people who have desire to serve they should come forward and give whatever they can afford, if not money, time, if not even time, their knowledge. We have so many NGOs (44 only in Islamabad) their out put is nearly zero because most of them are feeding their own families on the funds they get. However, there is no shortage of people in Pakistan who really want to serve humanity.

    Keep striving. Start is always difficult. It is like moving a large stone. Initially it is very difficult to move it but once put in motion it starts rolling

  9. GH said,

    I think road-map is clear.

  10. noormirza said,

    There should be some Vilunteer program running to assist patients, or to let’em know what to do when they reach hospitals.

    Once my friend was not feeling well, i took him to PIMS, when i entered Emergency ward, what i saw was worried people, not knowing what to do, going from one corner to another having prescriptions in their hands, asking people to help them where to go for a blood test, or an ECG etc. Thats truly pathetic.

    1. Government hospitals shouls have a well-organized volunteer support program in which Pharmacy students can do a great help by establishing a help-desk at each ward and telling people how to register, where to go for certain test.

    2. To assist poor and needy people, government hospitals can do alot, just by doing one thing, colleborate with such companies like Nestle etc give their employees a free of cost treatment and in return ask them to donate 1 rupee each on their mineral water bottle sale, 0.5 paisa on sale of one juice pack etc

    Being a single person you can contribuite alot to this society, nice to know a person so concerned for people of his nation. It is important to improve our current medical centers than to again think about future hospitals etc (not pointing to anyone)

    I can be the first one to support volunteer program

  11. noormirza said,

    there are more details and plans that i made during those three hours i spent in the emergency ward…which can be communicated afterwards

  12. Noor Mirza said,

    3. We can also establish some channels through WHO, what we needed were links, and luckily we have them. We can directly get such patients sponsorred.

    4. Some local companies/people also raise donations. We can push some cellular companies too, they will get some fame and we can get some support (as it can be observed it always work both ways)

    5. We can go to corporate sector in groups to raise funds by having some presentation of our program.

  13. drfarrukhhmalik said,

    Try to get hold of some people from Rotary out there in Islooo, may be they can help, anything you want me to do in this regard you can count on me I will try to do whatever possible. Get help of media out there work will be easier for you!!!!

  14. Asma said,

    array waah you’ve quite some plans penned here …. my wishes for this noble step too … any help needed …?

  15. adnan said,

    Is there a society in the hospital, e.g. Patient Welfare thingy, that is being managed and funded by your friends? If there isn’t, then ponder upon it. You might get some external help too that way. And make divisions every month. Like this part of this month’s funds for CT Scans of next month, this for them medics of next month, this for that … keep track of funds given to the patients and keep track of funded patients.

  16. Saadie said,

    Noor mirza’s suggesion of setting up a helpdesk if it is missing from the hospitals can be really helpful or like Adnan said set up a PWT. how many volunteers you got? enough to carry out such tasks?

    Goodluck 🙂

  17. asma said,

    from Adnan’s comment I remembered the Friends association as in PIMS … I dont know if they do something at all but such associations can be made … docs can start off even if 3-5 persons join at first It’ll grow and managing things on much larger scale for benefit of patients wud be much much easier ….!!!

    A bit out of context but as in america or europe they’ve associations to make patients aware of their condition truly and to help them in coping with it meetings are arrnaged with patients who’ve recovered and the ones who are suffering and their families join in tooo …. it usually oes for cancer patients … so I guess same shud be done in our hospitals too …. !

  18. Noor Mirza said,

  19. Dr. said,

    Thank u so much everyone…. they r all really helpful.

    have just returned home…am toooo sleepy…will write about all the suggestions in detail…once my mind is all fresh!

    but i must say..some of the suggestions r simply great…jazakAllah

  20. Dr. said,

    Hanji!!! abi thora sa time mila…sonay se farigh honay k baad 🙂

    i will keep hese suggestions in mind! Noor!! thankyou so much..ur suggestions are really nice..but at this level they are too diffuult to plan…but yes once we have made something…then yes..inshalah!
    but about volunteers…the main problem is that the students are not available…i with my duty on day time..i cant mnage that…. the medical colege with our hospital is about on 15 mins drive…that makes it at the drawback that the students cant come in Dow..from where i graduated..the hospital n colege were at the same our free time we used to goto hospital withouttension that we’ll miss any class or something…and most of us were into some sort of volunteer services.

    ji Uncle! thats true…aap ki duaon ki zarurat hay hum sb ko.

    Adnan! theer is no society…here… and it is badly needed… yes this is mangable…right…we are looking for aome one who can help us with keeping records…so that we can keep a check on everything…n each penny can be spent properly…

    new year…Eid…and new hopes… will keep u updated….
    thanks a lot….for ur kind suggestions…

    and thanks Noor! we definitely need volunteers…will contact u myself…jazakallah

  21. jugnoo said,

    Sorry i am too late but not late enough to comment on the very serious issue. I have seen many people dying coz they could not arrange money for the medicines, aur un ke ankhon ke bebasi main likhna chahoon b to nahi likh sakta. I like the idea of adnan but thora change karoon ga as adnan said And make divisions every month. Like this part of this month’s funds for CT Scans of next month, this for them medics of next month, this for that … lakin main yeh kahoon ga ke funds ko is tarah divide karain ke chahe kaisa b case ho app ke pass funds hone chahye, kyun k kabhi koi emergeny b ho sakti hai. I am sure if you carry on with your plan to make a welfare, this would be very helpful for those who loose their hopes of life.

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