December 8, 2006 at 3:33 pm (Life)

Mujhe raat gayay tak bahar rehnay par rokti rehti thee

Main is ki batain sun kar hansi se uchaal deta tha

Kal jaldi aunga , yeh keh kar taal deta thaa

wo mujhay dekh kar muskura deti thee..or piyaar se chapat laga deti thee…

me usay bohat satata tha, isay bohat nakhray dikhata thaa

wo har baar meray naaz uthati thee…wo meray sadqay warii jati thee…

raat ko kisssi pehar bhii ghar jo ata

iss ko humaisha apna muntazir pata

din raat is k piyaar ki barsaat hoti thee

iss ki duaain hamesha meray sath hoti theen..


zindagee me wo baat nahii

kiunkay ab wo meray paass nahii

iskay piyaar binaa dil ki zameen sookhi hay

ik wohi mukhliss thee, sari duniya rookhi hay

ghar me jab me lautoon wo nigahain dhoondata hoon

sama jaoon jin me, wo banhain dhoondata hoon

in jaghon ko dekhta hoon..jahan beth k wo mera intezaar kartee thee

me ghanton apna chehra dekhta hoon..jahan wo piyaar kartee thee

tairi dua k bagher sarkon pai nikal jata hoon

har qadam par rastay me thokar khata hoon…

MAAN too meray liay khudaaiiii soorat hay..

too laut aa mujhay teri zaroorat hay

main ghar jaldi laut aaunga

khuda ki kasam kabhi na sataoon ga

teri khidmat subah shaam karoon ga

jo kahai gii wo har kaam karoonga

meray kaan phir muntazir hain

ik baar phir wohi lori sona dai

ik arsaa hua me soya nahi

too apni god me mujhay sula dai



= = =

( a poem by a school going child….it simply made me cry when i read it for the first time….)



  1. Asma said,

    Soo sooo touching and wishes and prayers true to life … I remember reading it once before too … or maybe heard it at FM … it touched me then … I felt it now … Mothers are just un-matched blessings of Allah …!

  2. jugnoo said,

    Great Poem. Its really very touchy & sensitive poem about “Mother the Jannat” & you know my eyes became blurry while reading it coz first part of this poem is really based on me. I was always late at night 😉 & always I found mom waiting for me. I really disturbed my mom very much & as a punishment ALLAH has moved myself from Pakistan to Kuwait. Now I miss her daily  in every part of the day & I wish to see her in front of me & I always prayer that ALLAH gives my mother long healthy life & also I pray that ALLAH bless me with lot of money,  so that I go back to my kind Mom who always ask me “Khana khaya k nahi abhi tak” whenever I chat to her through net.

  3. GH said,

    Yah sard shaam, awargi ore neend ka maza
    Hum agar apnay shahar main hotay to ghar chaly jatay …

  4. karnav shah said,

    I hve no words to express this emotion. This is honest efforts to give me most percious moment .I will be greatfull to you. yes i cry many times while i read this poem.

    How can such a thing we loose ? Thisis touchable and unexpressable emotion. No one else undertaand more than a son.

  5. Dr. said,

    ….i do aswell

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