December 7, 2006 at 4:27 am (general)

jugnoo the blogger…. sent me this:

Asma emailed me all details..but me…… recieved comments to change the time settings..ab i have no bahana to say i cant change…my settings… smilies i’ll check if i like em…otherwise time settings i’ll change ..thanks!!

one other post with old time settings….



  1. jugnoo said,

    Lolz, hmmm still lazy…. very bad

  2. Dr. said,

    iv changed…dint u notice?

  3. Dr. said,

    lo ye to abi b ghalat ara hay 😦
    ab kia karooon

  4. jugnoo said,

    Its working na.. its ok now

  5. Dr. said,

    wahan sirf time k neechay jo box hay usme +5 likhna tha ..

  6. jugnoo said,

    yes right. +5 likhna tha. Congrats! you done it…. 😀

  7. Asma said,

    Lolz mujhay kiya patta tha kay muhtrma doctor sahiba itni pedal hain 😛

    BTW my sis who is a doc too … she’s kinda pedal from comps too … so hum unhein mushkil cheezein batatay hi nahiin 😉 But mashaallah you rock 😛

    Smileys are looking good .. I’m enjoying them … 😀

  8. jugnoo said,

    Asma let us see what Dr. sahiba says about this “Pedal” Lolz

  9. Dr. said,

    🙂 yes that i am 🙂 ghareeb bandii hun.. enjoy being paidal! 🙂
    wese b have i ever said anything on the “non-medical” things u say 😛

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