And She lives no more…

December 4, 2006 at 3:27 pm (Life)

Jaan Bibi passed away… may her death be the waseela for her family to enter in Jannah!!!

2 pathaan docs of my deptt used to call her ” Pehelwanay” when she was in our ward..before her surgery…as she was stout little girl…and on saturday night..on my call….one of those docs was sitting with me at my ward when Jaan bibi’s mother came to the ward…and guess what she said to him in Pushto: ” aap aao or apni pehelwanay ko dekho.or mujhe batao wo ab kesi hay.” 😦

😥 i pray for ur peaceful life hereafter..and for the patiience n endurance of ur family….. ameeeeeennn


Ward# 8

Patient’s Name: Jaan Bibi/ Female

Age: 11yrs

Diag: Recurrent tonsillitis

Management plan: Kill her !!!! 😥

Discharge Slip: Death certificate…dated 4th Dec 2006



  1. Asma said,

    Ohh – Innalilah e wa inna alyhe rajeyoon … May her soul rest in peace in Jannah … !

  2. jugnoo said,

    انا لله و انا اليه راجعون
    Jan bibi is no more………….This news shocked me. May her soul rest in jannat-ul-firdos. Ameen. I am feeling something broken in me. Allah us ke family ko sabre jameel ataa karain.

  3. Adnan said,

    Innalilah e wa inna ilyhe rajeyoon

  4. GH said,

    May Allah rest her soul in peace and give her family enough patience to bear this loss.

  5. Aamanna said,

    alas! i m so much depressed now. i really have no words to say anything except that this is life and it has to end. everyone shall taste death. It really distort my thoughts …. and so many W’s and H’s are coming in my mind now …. May Allah will give her a best place in jannah …aameen.

  6. Dr. said,

    masoom say log… khud un ne doctor hazraat (pathaan walay) ko phone kar kar k Janazay pay bulaya…k ji u helped us alot….
    true..unki hi baat smajhtay thay wo…

  7. Saadie said,

    Innalilah e wa inna alyhe rajeyoon

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