Jaan Bibi

November 28, 2006 at 10:28 am (Life)

she is a 11 year old beautiful young girl..Jaan Bibi… stout c  with pinkish cheek….she is beautiful…

today she had her surgery for her tonsills…she has been admitted and was under observation for last 1 wk…we were suspecting that she is also having hypothroidism(low thyriod harmones) so we didnt attmep any sort of surgery on her…

today she was on the operative list…the operation was going fine…she was under proper general anesthesia, was being ventilated properly, that towards the end of her surgery she sudenly became cynaosed, her pulse ceased, her BP dropped…she was in a cardiac arrest…cardiology doctors were called and they took over the case after wards..but she is still in the surgical ICU…breathing by the help of ventilators…many new types of tubes and needles have been inserted in her body after the surgery…

i had my OPd today..and after finishing my job i went to c that cute little girl in ICU, unconscious, pale, bp and pulse monitors continousely beeping..before i left, her bp suddenly dropped and there was no pulse..another emergency …they called ENT and cardiology docs again.she was bleeding from the operation site 😦

we cant give anesthesia again.i dont know how are they going to manage her:( am on call tomorrow..and i am dying with tension.. i wish her all health and life..i wish she manages to survive…i wish she be shifted back to our ENT ward tonight..i pray for her life and health..

you pray too..`

UPDATE after 6.5 hrs: well..just recieved the news that she has started breathing at her own, alhamdulillah…no more of artificial breathing support.. her BP is going towards stability and her pulse has settled… yet she hasnt come out of the effects of anesthesia…she is still unconscious… this was second such case in my previous 3 months…the other one had hypothyroidism aswell…hmmm…

 UPDATE after 24 hrs: i went to c Jaan bibi the first thing in morning…she was still on ventilators…they turned on the vent. last night again:( her eye responses was better but they are saying she has stayed too long in cerebral hypoxia(low oxygen in brain) so most probably if she manages to survive she’d be having neurological deficit… i had exchanged my call…last night…warna aj mera sara din usi bachi k sath guzartaaa.. waiting for a miracle…she i too young to suffer!



  1. Saadie said,

    inshAllah she will be fine, shall pray.

    but what could be the reason of this cardiac arrest? i mean is this a possibility of she is a rare case. I just hope she makes it through inshAllah, goodluck.

  2. Dr.Umer Salim said,

    Inshallah she will survive

  3. jugnoo said,

    Dont worry, Insha ALLAh she will be f9. I wish her a very long healthy life (Aameen). Get well soon little girl.

  4. Dr. said,

    YEs it might be because of thyroid…but her profile was normal…may be because of the response of body towards anesthesia..may be because of bleeding..but thats rare…may be because of the overdose of anesthesia…

    but she is a januu little girl! gol matol, piyari..pinkkooo c.. muskurati rehti ..and one night on my call…uski choti behn jo ward me us k sath ruki v thee..fell off the bed and wo jab hanssii thee to itnay cute dimples banay thay uskay cheeks me
    i wish her health n life…

  5. Asma said,

    Ohh jannnu baby … inshaha allah Allah would bless her with life and healthy life … don’t worry Allah would make everything fine … whats the update now??

  6. Dr. said,

    😦 not al all good..her reflexes are getting worse… brain death ho gayeee hay:( her body is alive only 😦

  7. Asma said,


  8. Adnan said,

    Allah az-wa jal us ki sehat achi karay. Amen. Kya brain death se yeh mutlab hai k ab koi hope nai hai? 😦 You are a very fine doctor. I mean you are very worried about your patient. You’ll get paid off for it, Insha Allah. And once again, Allah subhan-o-ta’alah us ko jaldi sehat ata ker de. Amen

  9. Dr. said,

    brain death means her brain is not responding to anything..because the brain cells have died..the end of all functions of the brain and central nervous system..the low oxygen content which stayed there for about 10 minutes was enough to take her life..but the emergency docs gave her electric shocks and all to bring her back ..though those emergency drugs and CPR started her heart work again but the mind had lost its life…
    an inquiry committee should be made..and they must c to it what where the circumstances in which she had to suffer:(
    i am on call again tomorow..and i am damn tense…i dont want her to suffer…her family is like burning..in continous torture…
    if she manages to survive she will be just taking breaths… 😦
    pray for her and her family… and mee too…i dont want to be a part of butchers…

  10. Asma said,

    Ameen to all prayers ……

  11. jugnoo said,

    Dr. what about her current situation? is she all right?
    when you see her next time Wish her from me “GET WELL SOON”
    Ya ALLAH us nanhi se jaan bibi per rehmat farmaa aur use sehat ataa kar. Ameen

  12. Aamanna said,

    inshallah she will be ok. please update what has happend to this little cute girl. I must admit that u r not just a doctor but a real human being, who has a very sensitive heart and feelings, not all doctor has this additional attribtue to them. May Allh will give u the reward and give the shifa thru you to all u attended- aameen


  13. Dr. said,

    still the same….on ventilators..artificial life support…
    her family keeps sitting outside the ICU..masooom say log..chup chaaap bethay hain

    naa i am not better than any one else…am like emm all..cz i dont speak..i am chupp like the family… i go c the child…come back praying for her..m not better than anyone else…:(

    pray for her ..she is just lying on the bed…with almost 15 tubes n needles in her body..cant breathe at her own…one day the family would just simply say turn the ventilator off… and if they wont say these butchers would decide that a ventilator is being used..and as they know she wont make it..and then end of her story!

  14. jugnoo said,

    Allah pak us ko shifaa dein ge. Hum sab jaante hain k ALLAH ke har kaam mein kuch hikmat hoti hai lakin phir bhi hum sab ek aas aur umeed ka daman pakar lete hain aur wohi hum sab ab b kar rahay hain k ALLAH us masoom se jaan ko nai zindagi de de. Ameen
    Please pray all bcoz she needs DUA but not DAWA

  15. Dr. said,

    ameeeeennn …

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