November 22, 2006 at 7:26 am (Life)

🙂 they are not that bad after all… 🙂

i returned back with dil toota wa muu latkaya wa pichli call me !!! k sab short cuts walai..magar aj i returned with a big smile on my face..spirits bohat zada high!!!

 Was on call yesterday, was a very fine simple easy call…till eve..when suddenly a rush of people came to the ward… and a small 7 month old baby was gasping in their hands…trying to live…he had taken something which went into his airway…12hour had gone by and the baby was totally dying… my first exposure with such a case…i didnt c such a case in my past 3 months..hence instead of trying kuch i simple called my M.O. till the time he came i arranged for OT, oxygen, nabulization..and emergency life saving drugs… everything was ready but time was too short..sDr. A came and i was much relaxed k he came in 7 minutes…he took over the case…just made me assist him and thats it… he asked me to fetch a special type of forecep from the OT..and in the meanwhile suddenly his breathing ceased …i had just enetered the OT when he came to the OT with the little angel in his arms and rushed straigt in the OT..no protocol..no washing..no scrubbing…baby staight on OT table..no anesthesia and he inserted the lyrangoscope in… a full peanut was obstructing his airway…forceps were not available at that instance and he inserted his fingers in… and guess what..the baby started breathing again!!!!! he had only pushed the peanut from the main airway towards the right lung…so that his left lung started to function normally….

Islamabad me bohat sardi hay..but we were sweating..the baby was too young and we didnt have time…nore the proper instruments…the baby became stable…dr. A arranged the ambulance himself..arranged for a new cylinder of O2 to be sent with the baby to PIMS islamabad as unfortunately we didnt have the proper instruments:(

but…how the mother of that child was praying for dr. A.. his father was dying with gratitute… and all the time Dr. A was managing the patient he kept telling me, guiding me and making me learn things which r non unethical (though unethical in normal circumstances) if a life is in danger…

for example..we are not allowed to enter the OT without changing…we simply entered the Ot without a delay.. we dont insert lyrangoscopes in to patients mouth without anesthesia..we did… we are not allowed to enter the Ot before the table is washed properly after a procedure…they were taking the operated patient out of OT..when he came…wash or no wash..baby was safe!!!


agar us bachay ko kuch ho jata na to mera bohat bura haal hota..i know…. cz yesterday the nurse was not in the ward when they came at emergency dept….and the emergency dept was continously calling our ward..nurses r not allowed to leave the ward in their duty hours 8am-2pm is morning shift, 2pm-8pm evening shift, and 8pm-8am is night shift) i was in my room…so 15 minutes were wasted… i really learnt the importance of Cell phone yesterday…

emergency k Doc becharay khud patient ko sath lai k humaray ward ae thay…shayed har koi short cuts wala nahi hota…me aiwaeeen mu latka leti hun…

i wish wo bacha ab us tha thoo k side effects se safe ho 🙂 ..atleast he would be living 🙂  kal ka baki sara din mera muskuratay way guzzra tha… me hi dil haar bethti hun…



  1. Adnan said,

    🙂 gud work. Actually great work. But i was wondering k what will happen to the peanut in the right lung?

  2. Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal said,

    Dr EssJee

    Allaho akbar! In a day allah has showed you the other side of picture. So now make up your mind to serve humanity and be steadfast in it.

    Till you remain on the right path, my sincerest prayers will remain in your favour Bhatiji.

    I am glad you moral is up. Good for my health also because I can not bare “latka hua moon” of my daughter / bhatiji / bhanji.

  3. jugnoo said,

    Zinda baad 😀 Congrats Dr. app logon ne ek zindagi bacha lee hai aur keep it up . your chance to learn so soon to be prepared for such cases in future. “`Allah app ko kamyabi atta kare. Aameen

  4. Dr. said,

    jazakAlalh! i am badly in need of the prayers.
    ameeen… thanks.. i know now when i’ll have such a case panic k ilawa kia karna hay 🙂 konsi emergency drugs kab kitni kitni deni hain…
    Adnan!! the baby was sent to PIMS…the procedure is to give general anesthesia to patient…then insert a special lambaaa sa instrument called the bronchoscope…by which we can view the airways even upto the lungs (flexible one) or phir usi k through lambaaay say forceps hotay hain jin se us ko pakar k nikal lengay… no katam peeetam… humaray paaas adults k liay to hain..itnay chotay baby k liay nahi hain..

  5. Asma said,

    Chalein jiii mubarik ho aapko … der ayad durust ayad … I meant the blooming smile … us bacchay kay ama abba say kahna tha kay sardi aayi hay par peanuts wali nahi ayi abhi :>

    So see there are good ppl too … loosing hope altogether is what most of us usually do … but just a bit of push … a lil bit of settling in is needed … hoping and wishing all the best for ya … TC … !

  6. GH said,

    Iftikhar Uncle says it all …

  7. Asma said,

    Update itni der may tu koi bhi jakay wapis bhi aajayay 😛

  8. Saadie said,

    😀 good good

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