November 19, 2006 at 5:29 am (Blogroll, general)

Thanks for the comments and emails!

sometimes it seems worth..and at others it seems k ji chaddo…kay faeda, sar khapaaan da!

they say k ji house job hoti hi itna khuari wali hay…u dont have ur own hi ur own nights…sab ne esi ki hoti hay to u r forced to do it like some beast of burden…koi insaaaniat hay?

sab seniors bhaag jatay hain..bulao to kaam aglay din pe daal detay hain…hum becharay seniors ki b baiztian bardasht karain…mareezon k b ghussay sahain…kuch ghalat ho jai to wo b administrations ko explanations call do…ooper  se na sikhatay hain na batatay hain…bus ji they expect k banda PHd ho…

we admited 5 patients yesterday…1 bacha….mene us bachay ko oral treatment pe he was stable..prophylactic treatment hoti hay….he came for the surgery of his tonsills… he didnt need it much..and protocol is this bus oral he di…….meray senior sahab aye(just a yr senior)..intra muscular antibiotics start kar gaye…mene kaha k sir! y injectibles..its so painful…..guessw hat he said?

learn tactics…this is the way to catch ur they wont move from their bed..!this is occupational therapy …(to occupy bed)

wow!!! 5 saal ka bachaaa! who is not having any acute problem… intra muscular injections sirf is liay k bed occupied rahay….. then at other momenet ..aik mareez last to last night admit hua tha k ji nasal trauma hay..uski naak ki pati shatti huee v thee..magar phir b bleeding ho ri thee…. we did the packing again…secured bleeding…my consultant adviced cheeni wali drip…jo thee nahi ward me..i asked the nurse to get it from other ward…and what my MO..the same guy who prescribed inj.. said ..u make things worse Dr.sahab! go for short cuts…give it…just pani andar jana chaiay…i kept chup…i knew he’d b having reason to make me shutup.

nimak wali laga di..guess what?his BP went up to 170/110..and bleeding started profusely,again….khud to wo sahab 2:00 bjay tashreef lai gaye mujhe us banday ko din raat under observation rakhna para…ghalti unki…zimedari meri…kia yaar!

kia khaak short cuts..ghareeb banda! humaray experiments or dikhaway k liay to ni ata na haspatal!

i am getting acomodated to this setup…i fear i’ll one day become immune to it:(



  1. jugnoo said,

    really very sad ke wo senior shortcuts mein solution chahta hai lakin us ko shayad yeh maloom nahi ke wo b kisi ke pyare hain aur un ke zindagi ko danger mein dalne ka us ko koi haq nahi. Kyun ke doctor ka kaam to mareez ko shifaa dena hai na k……
    Aur please app dil chota na karain aur meri request hai ke app kabhi bhi shortcuts na talash kerna warna phir koi mareez ghalat medicine ke waja se raat bhar pareshaan na ho. Aur house job to ek din khatam ho he jae gee aur phir app ko professional life mein jana hai jahan sab app ke he sunain ge. So karwa ghoont pee jao aur thora sabar. Wo kehte hain na ke ان الله مع الصابرين so thora sabar aur phal meetha he hoga.
    Jo doctors shortcuts dhoondte hain na, wo kabhi kmayabi hasi nahi kar sakte hain aur ho sakta hai wo senior app par apna raub jamanay ke liye aisa karta ho. ya ho sakta hai ke use pata he na ho ke kab sugar wali ya salt wali drpi lagani hai. hehehe
    Never change your thoughts. I wish you a very successfull professional life. 😀

  2. M Shoaib Sheikh said,

    hmm quite hectic indeed…

  3. Asma said,

    Thats so bad naa … don’t worry U wont be part of this … aap duniya apnay hissaaab say nahi chala saktay at start but after some time … when u get a senior position …experience u get some power like ur 1 yr senior … and if u see such things lain aap decisions … jo aapkay professor hain yaan is he/she good enough …??

    Best wishes … dont get so worried things would go fine inshah allah… Allah aapkay ward kay mareezon pay raham karay waisay 😀

  4. Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal said,

    Are all doctors in your hospital like that? May Allah save the patients from these butchers.
    Look! you should keep your slate clean. Don’t do any thing against what the book says otherwise you will also be punished by Allah alongwith those stupid so-called doctors. There are two other possiblities: (1) Your senior is trying to test your knowledge and, if you act according to his / her stupid instructions, in the end you will get a bad confidential report of your house-job. (2) Your senior does not like you to progress and he/she is puting you on wrong practices.

    In any case you must follow the book or some very senior doctor, preferably, head of department.

  5. Dr. said,

    wish me luck and endurance..thanks a lot

  6. Saadie said,

    sheeesh this is a crime :O, &^&%^%^&%^&^&* grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pisseddd

  7. Dr Farrukh Malik said,

    Aisa he hota ha I m going through the same situ dont worry and dont get immune to it one day you will make some difference

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