November 10, 2006 at 1:26 pm (general)

GIKI ka trip laga k i esSJee… it was so fun..i went there after 2.5 yrs but lagta tha hafta pehlai ki baat hay….my sister lives there… i went there jab meri bari bhanji paida huee thee..and now she is 2.5 yrs old..i had a day off so we all went there….may be bhaai k bagher ghar bohat udas thaa is liay…

 on the way to GIKI


My bhanjii


after breaking my glasses

both my little angels playing

 main entrance of GIKI

 the tower of GIKI

 GIKI from the roof of appartments

wish me luck!! have a pending news…may be after a wk..inshallah.



  1. GH said,

    So, you had a nice time with your relatives! Yay. Kids are really vary darling and next time don’t forget to bring an extra pair of specs for these little angels :).
    GIKI in indeed a nice place to visit. May you have lots of good news ahead in life.
    All the best.

  2. Asma said,

    Januuuuu …. lovely and seems like you had quite a nice time … dis u managed to see soemthing with these glasses on … huh?? Lolz … very cute mashah Allah …!

    Hmmm I’ll wait for pending news 😀 and lots and lots of wishes and prayers for ya … read above prayers again :>


  3. GH said,

    I can guess the news but it will be better if i let SG break the news herself.

  4. shirazi said,

    Going places. Good.

  5. jugnoo said,

    You had real nice time there. enjoy & bhaai ke yaad to zarror aye gee. Very cute kids & afsos for you broken glass. Many many best wishes & prayers for you. ALLAH bless you.

  6. Dr. said,


    keep guesing… and Gh i bet u cant guess

  7. Areeb said,

    GIKI is a very awsome place.
    A world in itself !

    I have only seen GIKI in Pictures and Videoz (Which some of my Friendz made).
    I am planning to go to GIKI soon. Lets see when I go 🙂

  8. jugnoo said,

    Dr. i was tagged & i have done my home work. What is a rule to tag some one? this is something new to me. Ya aise he jis ko marzi keh dete hain k you are tagged

  9. Dr. said,

    🙂 ud love it Areeb! go to giki in april march…oh God! it is breath taking…. awsome view… flowers and animals:P

    🙂 its just randome…its on one’s own choice…tag as many people…or dont tag anyone….

  10. Saadie said,

    yaaaaaaaaaay u went to GIKI :D, *dances. so your sister must be in batch 14, sheesh that makes us the batch 6 people buddhas :D. miss that place a lot, now u have brought back some memories :P.

    and yup your bhanji is cute mashAllah say.

  11. Dr. said,

    Giki is one place i love to visit…last time sarkain behtar theen..s dafa to wo b sab ukhari hueen theeenn

  12. Adnan said,

    You’ve done injustice by not posting the pictures of Agha Hasan Abedi Auditorium.
    And your bhanji is a fine, fine baby 🙂

  13. Dr. said,

    me bus ka wait kr ri thee…usi me ye piks leeen..warna me wo zarur leti…tthough i went to mech dept..magar tb i cldnt take…na hi library ki..

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