Dengue…. is it really that much haunting???

November 8, 2006 at 5:10 am (general)

ok people…latest stats show that the SUSPECTED cases of Dangue have crossed 3000…

and out of em more than 500 from the twin cities… and confirmed cases are about 25% of the totall #. may be less. … ok jii…we all know k Dengue kia the way it is “DAN.GEE” not “dan.guuu”…in papers and different blogs we have seen loads of informative articles…

 acha ji..just a few line… Dangue is a type of hemorhagic fever…a type of viral fever in which there is increased liability of bleeding from blood vessels…

although Dangue is not spread by direct contact…just by Mosquitoe bite…but why to keep those patients in ISLOLATION and why to be very careful about our own safety????just because till the time Dengue is confirmed me dont know which type of Hemorhagic fever it all the signs and symptoms are the same but few..and those few dont appear in all….

so just to be on safe side…we take so many precautions…that if it is Congo Virus…it is speard by blood to blood contact….blood to mucous contact…blood to any cut in other’s body.

so it is better to be carefull….

specifically for Dengue…just avoid mosquitoe bite…



  1. Asma said,

    Just avoid mosquito bite



    Coolio doctor 🙂

  2. jugnoo said,

    Doctor sahiba app ke information i like but at the end how can we avoide mosquito bite bcoz jab hum so jaate hain us waqt agar machar kaat le to hum to kuch nahi kar sakte. Aur kya mospel ya jalebi mat se yeh machar se bacha jaa sakta hai kya?
    I am much happy to know that you are a doctor.
    One of my Bangladeshi friend told me that this virus made some destruction in bangaldesh too so why not our govt. make contact with them to know the treatment proccess.
    & by the way what is mean by tagged. You tagged me…….. i want to know…….. & Best of luck for you job.

  3. Dr. said,

    🙂 wow ASMA u need to pay ateention..there are people who know even less blogging than i do:)

    well..J !!!
    use bed nets…to rat ko b bacha ja skta hay..but the best thing abt edes agypti is that it is a DAY time machaaar… and it does not bites at night times…unlike Malaria causing ANophelese…so dont worrry at sleeping times….use bed nets… and bari chadar lehaaaf orh k soya karo…

    i hv tagged you..meanes ur it. you have to fill those questions and post on ur own blog…got it?

  4. Dr. said,

    well..mospel..n reppellants help u ..but not 100% so use full sleives shirts…socks…and if machar r toooo much use gloves aswell at day times…and bed nets r best for night times…..

    clean away the water damps… dont let water stay at a place for more than 3 days…and trust Allah…..

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