November 6, 2006 at 1:23 pm (Blogroll)

Ades aegypti    

the culprit…spreading Dangue fever



  1. Asma said,

    Oh I hate all these black n white mosquitoes naa aur yah tu hay bhi WMD holder …!

    And secondly machron may dengue shangue nahi I only like louis (aka lui) 😉

  2. Asma said,

    and dengue is in your blogroll … close friend 😛

  3. Raheel said,

    AKA THE BURGER MACHAR.. bada tameezdaar hai kaatne ke bhi time rakhey huwe hain janaab ne!

  4. jugnoo said,

    My stmpthies to those who are caught by dangue virus & i wish that our Ministry of health might get success to cure all infected people. waisay bara he rangeela machar dekhne ko mila hai appke blog per. Anyways apart from joke, agar app ko kuch precautions ka b pata chale is virus se bachne ke liye to please is post main add kar dain. sahayad is tarah logon ko kuch relief he mil jae.

  5. Asma said,

    Dengue Safety Tips … I posted few days back on Islamabad MB … you can verify from doctorana point of view 🙂

  6. Dr. said,

    heheh asma!! yara hum doctors aj kal mazak banatay hain k we having Dates with dangue patients 🙂 and they having dates with yeh wala machar!!!

    Jugnoo!! the link Asma posted is more than enough but i’ll summrize i in the post…jus the precautions…

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