Jaan Bibi

November 28, 2006 at 10:28 am (Life)

she is a 11 year old beautiful young girl..Jaan Bibi… stout c  with pinkish cheek….she is beautiful…

today she had her surgery for her tonsills…she has been admitted and was under observation for last 1 wk…we were suspecting that she is also having hypothroidism(low thyriod harmones) so we didnt attmep any sort of surgery on her…

today she was on the operative list…the operation was going fine…she was under proper general anesthesia, was being ventilated properly, that towards the end of her surgery she sudenly became cynaosed, her pulse ceased, her BP dropped…she was in a cardiac arrest…cardiology doctors were called and they took over the case after wards..but she is still in the surgical ICU…breathing by the help of ventilators…many new types of tubes and needles have been inserted in her body after the surgery…

i had my OPd today..and after finishing my job i went to c that cute little girl in ICU, unconscious, pale, bp and pulse monitors continousely beeping..before i left, her bp suddenly dropped and there was no pulse..another emergency …they called ENT and cardiology docs again.she was bleeding from the operation site 😦

we cant give anesthesia again.i dont know how are they going to manage her:( am on call tomorrow..and i am dying with tension.. i wish her all health and life..i wish she manages to survive…i wish she be shifted back to our ENT ward tonight..i pray for her life and health..

you pray too..`

UPDATE after 6.5 hrs: well..just recieved the news that she has started breathing at her own, alhamdulillah…no more of artificial breathing support.. her BP is going towards stability and her pulse has settled… yet she hasnt come out of the effects of anesthesia…she is still unconscious… this was second such case in my previous 3 months…the other one had hypothyroidism aswell…hmmm…

 UPDATE after 24 hrs: i went to c Jaan bibi the first thing in morning…she was still on ventilators…they turned on the vent. last night again:( her eye responses was better but they are saying she has stayed too long in cerebral hypoxia(low oxygen in brain) so most probably if she manages to survive she’d be having neurological deficit… i had exchanged my call…last night…warna aj mera sara din usi bachi k sath guzartaaa.. waiting for a miracle…she i too young to suffer!


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Usay roktay bhee to kiss liay!!!!

November 23, 2006 at 7:36 pm (Me@myself)

Woh jo shahrai dil tha ujar gaya..

woh jo khuaab tha bikhar gaya…

kabhi mosmoon ki nazar lagii..

kabhi wahamoon ne dara diaa..

kabhi zindagee ki kitaab se…

humain jis ne chaha mitta diaa…

bus issi liay…

Woh jo jaa raha tha to dooor tak…

usay dekhtay hi rahay magar…

nahi di sadaa!!!

Usay roktay bhii to kiss liay???

Usay roktay bhii to kiss liay!!!!

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November 22, 2006 at 7:26 am (Life)

🙂 they are not that bad after all… 🙂

i returned back with dil toota wa muu latkaya wa pichli call me !!! k sab short cuts walai..magar aj i returned with a big smile on my face..spirits bohat zada high!!!

 Was on call yesterday, was a very fine simple easy call…till eve..when suddenly a rush of people came to the ward… and a small 7 month old baby was gasping in their hands…trying to live…he had taken something which went into his airway…12hour had gone by and the baby was totally dying… my first exposure with such a case…i didnt c such a case in my past 3 months..hence instead of trying kuch i simple called my M.O. till the time he came i arranged for OT, oxygen, nabulization..and emergency life saving drugs… everything was ready but time was too short..sDr. A came and i was much relaxed k he came in 7 minutes…he took over the case…just made me assist him and thats it… he asked me to fetch a special type of forecep from the OT..and in the meanwhile suddenly his breathing ceased …i had just enetered the OT when he came to the OT with the little angel in his arms and rushed straigt in the OT..no protocol..no washing..no scrubbing…baby staight on OT table..no anesthesia and he inserted the lyrangoscope in… a full peanut was obstructing his airway…forceps were not available at that instance and he inserted his fingers in… and guess what..the baby started breathing again!!!!! he had only pushed the peanut from the main airway towards the right lung…so that his left lung started to function normally….

Islamabad me bohat sardi hay..but we were sweating..the baby was too young and we didnt have time…nore the proper instruments…the baby became stable…dr. A arranged the ambulance himself..arranged for a new cylinder of O2 to be sent with the baby to PIMS islamabad as unfortunately we didnt have the proper instruments:(

but…how the mother of that child was praying for dr. A.. his father was dying with gratitute… and all the time Dr. A was managing the patient he kept telling me, guiding me and making me learn things which r non unethical (though unethical in normal circumstances) if a life is in danger…

for example..we are not allowed to enter the OT without changing…we simply entered the Ot without a delay.. we dont insert lyrangoscopes in to patients mouth without anesthesia..we did… we are not allowed to enter the Ot before the table is washed properly after a procedure…they were taking the operated patient out of OT..when he came…wash or no wash..baby was safe!!!


agar us bachay ko kuch ho jata na to mera bohat bura haal hota..i know…. cz yesterday the nurse was not in the ward when they came at emergency dept….and the emergency dept was continously calling our ward..nurses r not allowed to leave the ward in their duty hours 8am-2pm is morning shift, 2pm-8pm evening shift, and 8pm-8am is night shift) i was in my room…so 15 minutes were wasted… i really learnt the importance of Cell phone yesterday…

emergency k Doc becharay khud patient ko sath lai k humaray ward ae thay…shayed har koi short cuts wala nahi hota…me aiwaeeen mu latka leti hun…

i wish wo bacha ab us tha thoo k side effects se safe ho 🙂 ..atleast he would be living 🙂  kal ka baki sara din mera muskuratay way guzzra tha… me hi dil haar bethti hun…

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November 19, 2006 at 5:29 am (Blogroll, general)

Thanks for the comments and emails!

sometimes it seems worth..and at others it seems k ji chaddo…kay faeda, sar khapaaan da!

they say k ji house job hoti hi itna khuari wali hay…u dont have ur own days..na hi ur own nights…sab ne esi ki hoti hay to u r forced to do it like some beast of burden…koi insaaaniat hay?

sab seniors bhaag jatay hain..bulao to kaam aglay din pe daal detay hain…hum becharay seniors ki b baiztian bardasht karain…mareezon k b ghussay sahain…kuch ghalat ho jai to wo b administrations ko explanations call do…ooper  se na sikhatay hain na batatay hain…bus ji they expect k banda PHd ho…

we admited 5 patients yesterday…1 bacha….mene us bachay ko oral treatment pe rakha..cz he was stable..prophylactic treatment hoti hay….he came for the surgery of his tonsills… he didnt need it much..and protocol is this too..to bus oral he di…….meray senior sahab aye(just a yr senior)..intra muscular antibiotics start kar gaye…mene kaha k sir! y injectibles..its so painful…..guessw hat he said?

learn tactics…this is the way to catch ur patinets..now they wont move from their bed..!this is occupational therapy …(to occupy bed)

wow!!! 5 saal ka bachaaa! who is not having any acute problem… intra muscular injections sirf is liay k bed occupied rahay….. then at other momenet ..aik mareez last to last night admit hua tha k ji nasal trauma hay..uski naak ki pati shatti huee v thee..magar phir b bleeding ho ri thee…. we did the packing again…secured bleeding…my consultant adviced cheeni wali drip…jo thee nahi ward me..i asked the nurse to get it from other ward…and what my MO..the same guy who prescribed inj.. said ..u make things worse Dr.sahab! go for short cuts…give it…just pani andar jana chaiay…i kept chup…i knew he’d b having reason to make me shutup.

nimak wali laga di..guess what?his BP went up to 170/110..and bleeding started profusely,again….khud to wo sahab 2:00 bjay tashreef lai gaye mujhe us banday ko din raat under observation rakhna para…ghalti unki…zimedari meri…kia yaar!

kia khaak short cuts..ghareeb banda! humaray experiments or dikhaway k liay to ni ata na haspatal!

i am getting acomodated to this setup…i fear i’ll one day become immune to it:(

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HElP me guys

November 16, 2006 at 9:20 am (general)

please answer these questions….it would be a great help.am on an assignment…so help me do it really good.

1. what do u think about a Healthy diet?

2. Does Healthy balanced diet really exist?

3. do u know a good cheap substitute for Milk? and Meat?

4. do u eat keeping in mind the nutrients or just killing hunger or 3 times is enough?

5. is Nutritional diet necessary for u and ur health?

6. do u know some commonly held ideas about food..that carrots correct the eyesight back to normal. pregnant ladies who eat Pomegranate give birth to a fair (goraa) baby? spinach is best source of iron?

7. For ladies specially: do u eat for ur skin?

8. and do u eat keeping in mind all protiens,fats,carbohydrates,minerals, vitamins…or just ji balanced diet hay agar daalain…vegs, fruits, meat all is there in it?

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November 11, 2006 at 5:28 pm (Realities)

esSJee says:

india se aya hay dengue

al QAedA…. says:


al QAedA…. says:


esSJee says:

wahan phaila wa tha na

al QAedA…. says:

tu yahaan keseey aya? Africa se nahi aya phir?

esSJee says:

patients traveled

esSJee says:

or machar ko urna ata hay

esSJee says:

uska pasport nahi banta

al QAedA…. says:


al QAedA…. says:

yahaan machar aya thaa? :@

al QAedA…. says:

bhartii machar haai naaa yeah hee karna atha us naay :@

al QAedA…. says:

DUShmaaan hamesha dushman he hotaa hai :@

esSJee says:


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November 10, 2006 at 1:26 pm (general)

GIKI ka trip laga k i esSJee… it was so fun..i went there after 2.5 yrs but lagta tha hafta pehlai ki baat hay….my sister lives there… i went there jab meri bari bhanji paida huee thee..and now she is 2.5 yrs old..i had a day off so we all went there….may be bhaai k bagher ghar bohat udas thaa is liay…

 on the way to GIKI


My bhanjii


after breaking my glasses

both my little angels playing

 main entrance of GIKI

 the tower of GIKI

 GIKI from the roof of appartments

wish me luck!! have a pending news…may be after a wk..inshallah.

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Dengue…. is it really that much haunting???

November 8, 2006 at 5:10 am (general)

ok people…latest stats show that the SUSPECTED cases of Dangue have crossed 3000…

and out of em more than 500 from the twin cities… and confirmed cases are about 25% of the totall #. may be less. … ok jii…we all know k Dengue kia hay..by the way it is “DAN.GEE” not “dan.guuu”…in papers and different blogs we have seen loads of informative articles…

 acha ji..just a few line… Dangue is a type of hemorhagic fever…a type of viral fever in which there is increased liability of bleeding from blood vessels…

although Dangue is not spread by direct contact…just by Mosquitoe bite…but why to keep those patients in ISLOLATION and why to be very careful about our own safety????just because till the time Dengue is confirmed me dont know which type of Hemorhagic fever it is..cz all the signs and symptoms are the same but few..and those few dont appear in all….

so just to be on safe side…we take so many precautions…that if it is Congo Virus…it is speard by blood to blood contact….blood to mucous contact…blood to any cut in other’s body.

so it is better to be carefull….

specifically for Dengue…just avoid mosquitoe bite…

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November 6, 2006 at 1:23 pm (Blogroll)

Ades aegypti    

the culprit…spreading Dangue fever

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November 5, 2006 at 8:04 am (Tag)

was tagged by GH… acha ji aj meri akhri chuttti hay….bhai left yesterday! lag ra hay aik khalaaa hay… aik bohat bara sorakh…khair…wish u all safety and all the best meri jaan!

anyway..here it goes:

Buying clothes:

 1. Do you look at country of manufacture or quality of manufacture?

A:i seldom buy myself…but if i do…quality

 2.Do you make sure they are natural fabrics?  



 3.Sunglasses, fashion or protection?


4.If you were a dog, would you bark or bite?

A:Bite if Barking isnt working

5.Do you turn your cellphone off before going to sleep?


6.You came home from out and have an hour to go before going out to meet a friend,what is the most probable thing which you’ll do in that hour?

A:check my mail…n blog..sath he kitchen me ja k kuch khanay pinay ka bana k…sath wo..

  7.What’s you favourite state of chocolate, liquid or solid?

A: Solid

8.What would you choose..A noticeable pay hike or noticeable improvement in work environment?

A: Improvement in work environment.

9.What do you enjoy more.. Staying indoors with friends talking meaningfullyor hanging around with friends outdoors?

A: a meaningful talk, but wo bahar ghumtay way be to ho sakti hay..in a long drive… …

10.. If all the music artists come to a deliberate agreement to perform their last concert on the same day,whose concert will you attend?

A: will prefer sleeping.

am tagging Dr.umer Salim, Jugnoo and one’s who have not been tagged

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