in the line of Duty..!!!!

October 28, 2006 at 5:40 am (Blogroll, Life)

esSJee was on call on 26th Officially (on call= 36 hours duty, which is 24 hrs duty in ENT) other house officer had some problem so she exchanged the call..i had to do the call on 27th and she did mine on 26th. well.. was on alternate calls the whole last week…was on Eid special roster..or aj se meri aik haftay ki eid chutttiaaan shurrruu 🙂 well. kal ki kahaniii :

it was achii khassi smooth call till 2:00 pm…i was free in morning so..i sat in the OPD… it was achi khasi heavy… but the real call started after 2:00 pm..wehn i somehow had the worst calls i have evcer had…

as there is only 1 house officer on its very hectic…. from 2:00pm onwards i continously had emergency patients..for stitching…nasal bleeding…accidents..fall..foreign bodies in nose,throat n ears… i didnt get time to eat a single bite…

khair isis me 9:00 baj gayee 9:00pm…. then came a patient at 9:02 pm…with a food bolus stuck in the throat…the protocol was followed..i sateyd with the patient for 3 hrs…at 12:00 his breathing got worse… my MO came at 10:00 and we decided to remove iit in general 12:00am..the consultant was called….

mean while at 9:45 pm i recieved a patient in my ward from emergency with nasal bleed..for 2 days…i did cold sponging for 1 hr and it did not get better..inj transamine…no effect…had to do his nasal packing(naak k andar ki  patti) khair we decided to take both patinets ikathay in OT (operation theatre) 

…at 12:30 both the patients were in the OT…my consultant did the Food blous case..and i did the packing …bolus was removed and patient was being dealt by Anesthetist… and i was done with packing aswell..his bleeding was still there…from posterior side of nose… my cosultant ..didnt scold..but simply said ur paking wasnt good enough..i kept chup… he did it himself…and bleeding didnt stop… no comments..

we had to do the posterior nasal packing…his bleeding didnt stop… and at3:50 am…the attendant told us that he has clotting disorder… jabkay when i took history they didnt mention anything….lo ji..haath paon par gayee hum sab ko..fata fat us ko cousil kia..CMH bheja k that sepcific type of  blood bag was not avaialable there at our hospital… kafi lar jhagar k gaye wo log…

khair humara zameer mutmain tha..we did all we could for him…. at 4:45 finally i was free… i asked an attendant k ji plz pepsi la diajiay..n a pain killer..wo khai…pepsi pi..sandwich khaya n soeee…after requesting the CMO k plzzzzzz stable patient na bhejiay ga raat ko mazeeed…usay OPd bula lijiay gaa

i wish k wo larka ab theek ho..bleeding ruki ho…stable ho gea ho…bohat shaitan larka thaaa… khair before leaving the ward patients were all stable..wo food bolus walai baba..pani pi rahay thay..everything was stable..

it was the most mushkil call…but yet i consultant said it was the worst night he had…and i thought…acha to ye hoti hay House job…na khana rest..stilll smiling … alhamdulillah 🙂

P.S:  met Dr.Salman in paeds yesterday…n it was the best meeting with a new H.O. here since i’v left Karachi… wo be naya hay yahan..he did his graduation from King Edward,Lahore… his First house job…..but the best thing was the way he helped me in attending the call..baki wards me bus keh daitay hain ji falan bed pai hai pt. us banday ne khud lai ja k pt. dikhaya..he stayed and kept giving me things i was asking him for the patient..i took 1 hr to manage that patient n he stayed was too generous… …last days i was called in medicne to pas a naso.gastric tube…wahan k H.O. ne kuch nahi la k dia….na local anesthesia suction machine….and my 45 minutes were wasted in gathering the stuff from their ward…. though i came first asked them to keep everything on bedside…and i’ll pass it…m finally getting used to the system..magar is system me out of the way aik Dr. se mulakat left a very nice impression… 



  1. Dr.Umer Salim said,

    BRAVO !!!!

  2. Dr.Umer Salim said,

    Bravo!!! Great job Gul…

  3. Dr.Umer Salim said,

    Can I ask you , what is the pay of HO there in Punjab?

  4. Dr. said,

    🙂 am still up… yeah its 6,200 at the moment…we heard that it was increased to 12,000 but nahi ji kahan? ab tak 6,200 he mil rahee hay… which is faaar toooooo less…. nurses student ko 5,000 miltay hain n after that un ki pay 10-20 se start hoti hay… or hum becharay?

  5. Dr.Umer Salim said,

    Hmm i see

  6. Asma said,

    Lolz the best thing about the post is your translation … 🙂

    Well more nites like this would come … ditto … so be prepared :>

    And enjoy the days off to the fullest … you are getting 6200 thats good when my sis was doing house job … 3000 was all she used to get … imagine … and it was so cool when we used to hijack her for an hour or so on channd raats … she usually used to be on call on chaand raats … !!!

    Enjoy Doc 🙂

  7. Aamanna said,

    i had no idea whatsoever about doctor duties. had i know it before i would not have got married with a doctor …lol…(recently got married with a doctor from my city …karachi)….

    anyways, i think u have dont a gr8 job.


  8. Dr. said,

    🙂 Asma! mene kaha pata ni smajh b ae k ni:) like mujhe wo html..> > // : esa kuch smaj ni ata na computers walon ka…

    🙂 Amir!! ab pata chal gea na time na karna:P …mubarak ho.

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