8th october ..2005

October 8, 2006 at 6:53 pm (Life)

7th october 2005…my parents had left for Rawalpindi that day……everything was fine ..me n my siblings did aftari without them that eve..i made sehri next mroning(8th october) …and everything was OK even then….at about 8:55am.. i recieved a msg from a friend abt the earth quake..n i thought he is joking..i cheked Geo…and was Shocked….. eyes wide open… …mean while recieved a call from my parents about quake n that everyone was fine…

i called everyone i knew in punjab..n NWFP…all my family members…though they all were fine but terrified…and then it all started…

the relief work..how the whole Karachi was donating and donating and the road sides..PAF museum…different relief camps were full of the aid…

bohat shaur hua..bohat kaam hua..magar phir shor khatam hogea..or kaam b… it has been 1 yr and still they have to live in tents…still they have not been paid the sum they were promised …

and me? i also had forgotten…forgotten that a yr back how enthusiastic i was..even 6 months back when i gave my name for relief camp in Azad Kashmir..and then my exams started n i forgot everything..how selfish of me….

well one thing to be mentioned..was the zeal of students..how they rushed to help …i met some students of CA at Medicine market..buying drugs n medical goods for them.. they knew nothing but they wanted to buy the best for em..

read it at Amir’s blog n no doubt its true:

“I have to admit that I really have done nothing after that emotional period (around may by 2 months), not even thought of spending some amount of my money or time for them. Why we have lost our path, our Pakistani-ism, our positive thinking, approach, and attitudes toward the re-building of the nation? I have no answer….. do you have?”

pataaa ni… i have becume selfish myself..apnay apnay me gum hain sab….me b…forgot the path:(..forgot that they still need me…



  1. Aamanna said,

    yeah very true … i think the answer lies wihtin oursleves,..we have to think posivite and speak the truth very loudly. …isnt it?


  2. Asma said,

    True …. to an extent …. and yeah ppl are still living in tents and imagine how lige could be when you’ve to live in there fr a really long time … I was just seeing ppl compalining that even if we got the money … and started building on one construction plan …. after few months officials said we wont approve it since now we ‘ve other better construction plans … so how can we put another huge sum to it …. that’s what is happening … dunno whats happening … how things will end up …. :-/

  3. Dr. Umer Salim said,

    Very true…they still need us….we don’t realize the life without the dear ones and homes…They didn’t get what they were promised that time…we should share their loss and show the Ansaar and Muhajreen type of brotherhood….May Allah give us the strength to help them….Ameen.

  4. khawab said,

    u know y….its cuz we have stoped feeling… we have stoped thinking that they r also human beings like us and they also have some needs……
    jaab hum yeh sochana suro kar dain ga na tu hum bohat jaald un koi na koi step utahain ga……
    i think if we all stand up and ask gov’t to give them wat they were promised n do something abt it….i am sure no body would b able to ignore the voice……

  5. Dr. said,

    😦 kal mujhe bohat afsos hua when i learned that drinking has become the part of ARmy functions again..i was banned years back..in 1979 n it is again the part of govt…pehlay b thee i know…but dhaki chupi… jab hukmurano ki ye halat hay..humkis se apna madua kahain?

    khair..will write in detail on it….
    anyone who is in islambada or Punjab…or even any part of world who believes we can make a difference..is welcome to join hands… 1 person i am sure or kuch ni to moral support zarur dege..is VL

  6. FM said,

    I also moved. But Blogging Ko Jee nahee ekrta Pata nahee Kiun…
    Thanx for remembering and searching me out..
    “Dua kero Main phir say Blogger Ho Jaaon”

  7. Asma said,

    Hey .. join in hands Goodio .. but in what …:S

    See the Unaiza’s blog … unaizanasim.blogspot.com … or http://islamabad.metblogs.com/archives/2006/10/shelters_for_earthquake_affect.phtml

    if someone can help her …!

  8. Dr. said,

    thoray sai din hain Asma n ud know… n thanks for unaiza’s link

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