Re-using stuff:

October 30, 2006 at 2:37 pm (Cook.Ease)

re.using stuff is what i love to do… ramzan me itni jalaibi ati or bach jati thee k dil dukhta tha k zaya ho ri hay…so i one day thought of re-using it… serached the web for it amagr kuch ni mila….

so bus 1 din kar lia decide..banai mene Jalaibi ki kheer..n it was so yummy… u case jalaibi bohat bach gayee ho..

#1.Jalaibi ki kheer

ingredients i used:

jalaibi half a Kg (puraani)

milk(2 cups)

water( almost 2 cups)

boiled rice( 1/4 cup)

Cardamom (2)

 bread crumbs half a cup


i boiled the jalaibi in water…just for 5 mins..n then blended it with that water finely. added 2 cups of milk and half a cup of water again…plus 2 Cardamom… NO SUGAR..when it came to a boil i added half a cup of bread crumbs ..boiled for 5 mins and then added…mashed boiled rice…cooked for another 5 mins…

ready..n served thandiii c..was so nice..n no one could recognize jalaibi…some said pasta se guesed aalloo.1 said custard.


jalaibi he itni methee the k chini ki zarurat ni pari…but i utalized jalaibi… will think of some other dish… ap me se kisis ko ati ho to letme know…

#.2 Daisi honey balls

one of my specialities…kiddies love it… n easy to make

ingredients i use:

Bread (bachi khuchay pieces) and even bachi v Roti

water n milk as per needed

some sugar

and oil for frying

honey, jam, and chochlate syrup for serving


knead the bread n bachi v roti with water n some milk in a bowl..knead it well and hard so that it may take the shape u give it.

add some sugar in end.

deep fry it in any shape…i make some small balls or give it shape of dates…fry till brown

after frying sprinkle some icing sugaron it and serve with honey, chochlate syrup and jaam…

… try it..easy n a gud appetizer for kids…




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in the line of Duty..!!!!

October 28, 2006 at 5:40 am (Blogroll, Life)

esSJee was on call on 26th Officially (on call= 36 hours duty, which is 24 hrs duty in ENT) other house officer had some problem so she exchanged the call..i had to do the call on 27th and she did mine on 26th. well.. was on alternate calls the whole last week…was on Eid special roster..or aj se meri aik haftay ki eid chutttiaaan shurrruu 🙂 well. kal ki kahaniii :

it was achii khassi smooth call till 2:00 pm…i was free in morning so..i sat in the OPD… it was achi khasi heavy… but the real call started after 2:00 pm..wehn i somehow had the worst calls i have evcer had…

as there is only 1 house officer on its very hectic…. from 2:00pm onwards i continously had emergency patients..for stitching…nasal bleeding…accidents..fall..foreign bodies in nose,throat n ears… i didnt get time to eat a single bite…

khair isis me 9:00 baj gayee 9:00pm…. then came a patient at 9:02 pm…with a food bolus stuck in the throat…the protocol was followed..i sateyd with the patient for 3 hrs…at 12:00 his breathing got worse… my MO came at 10:00 and we decided to remove iit in general 12:00am..the consultant was called….

mean while at 9:45 pm i recieved a patient in my ward from emergency with nasal bleed..for 2 days…i did cold sponging for 1 hr and it did not get better..inj transamine…no effect…had to do his nasal packing(naak k andar ki  patti) khair we decided to take both patinets ikathay in OT (operation theatre) 

…at 12:30 both the patients were in the OT…my consultant did the Food blous case..and i did the packing …bolus was removed and patient was being dealt by Anesthetist… and i was done with packing aswell..his bleeding was still there…from posterior side of nose… my cosultant ..didnt scold..but simply said ur paking wasnt good enough..i kept chup… he did it himself…and bleeding didnt stop… no comments..

we had to do the posterior nasal packing…his bleeding didnt stop… and at3:50 am…the attendant told us that he has clotting disorder… jabkay when i took history they didnt mention anything….lo ji..haath paon par gayee hum sab ko..fata fat us ko cousil kia..CMH bheja k that sepcific type of  blood bag was not avaialable there at our hospital… kafi lar jhagar k gaye wo log…

khair humara zameer mutmain tha..we did all we could for him…. at 4:45 finally i was free… i asked an attendant k ji plz pepsi la diajiay..n a pain killer..wo khai…pepsi pi..sandwich khaya n soeee…after requesting the CMO k plzzzzzz stable patient na bhejiay ga raat ko mazeeed…usay OPd bula lijiay gaa

i wish k wo larka ab theek ho..bleeding ruki ho…stable ho gea ho…bohat shaitan larka thaaa… khair before leaving the ward patients were all stable..wo food bolus walai baba..pani pi rahay thay..everything was stable..

it was the most mushkil call…but yet i consultant said it was the worst night he had…and i thought…acha to ye hoti hay House job…na khana rest..stilll smiling … alhamdulillah 🙂

P.S:  met Dr.Salman in paeds yesterday…n it was the best meeting with a new H.O. here since i’v left Karachi… wo be naya hay yahan..he did his graduation from King Edward,Lahore… his First house job…..but the best thing was the way he helped me in attending the call..baki wards me bus keh daitay hain ji falan bed pai hai pt. us banday ne khud lai ja k pt. dikhaya..he stayed and kept giving me things i was asking him for the patient..i took 1 hr to manage that patient n he stayed was too generous… …last days i was called in medicne to pas a naso.gastric tube…wahan k H.O. ne kuch nahi la k dia….na local anesthesia suction machine….and my 45 minutes were wasted in gathering the stuff from their ward…. though i came first asked them to keep everything on bedside…and i’ll pass it…m finally getting used to the system..magar is system me out of the way aik Dr. se mulakat left a very nice impression… 

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October 25, 2006 at 5:33 am (Blogroll)

EId muabarak EVERY1..jinko me janti unko b..jinko me ni janti unko b…jo meray sath hain unko b meray sath ni unko b…

Although i was mentally prepaired k i will spend my eid in hospital but …Eid to 25 ko hogayee and i am back home… though i was home during my call ours k meray MO ne mujhay chand raat ki waja se  chutti dai d thee….

its really good to have you back here in Pakistan Lala!! 4 ssal baad we all are together on Eid, alhamdulaillah… missing Baji..n she’ll be here 2morow inshallah..

khair..all the best everyone….n missing Karachi like anything..missing all my friends and..without Cell…kafi kuch mushkil b

P.S.: we have 25+ patients of Dangue fever in my hospital here in rawalpindi..and the # is increasing really fast ..wish them all health…

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no doubt… Land line age…was best!!!

October 19, 2006 at 8:27 am (Me@myself)

no more of “The Cell Phone Age” for SG 🙂  ab wo araaam se soya karay geee

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October 16, 2006 at 2:37 pm (Blogroll)

need some help!!!!

i am doing my house job in the subject i loved to do my house job in. i got the h.job without any problem, or sifarish… as i shifted from Karachi to Pindi it was evry mushkil to get a paid house job..n i got it…amazingly in just a single try

but after joining…i felt that there is had se zada back bitting, professional jealousy, kaaam chori, apna kaam doosron pe daalna, patienst ki zara b care na karna..and above all… there is not much learning…

 ENT(ear, nose n throat)…mene li thee k bohat general problems hoti hain…or surgery b hay to i would learn stitching etc too…chalo wo to seekh ri hun…but i am not set… 2 months pooray hojain gay 23rd ko…but i feel i am still an alien..

 everyday i plan k me kal bohat khush rahungi ward me…i wont bother k koi kesay rehta i would not let go my passion in waste..magar din k start me koi baat hojati k me sara din boootha bana k rakhti… m very  happy with my patients…i love them… but i feel guilty for how i am forced to do things which NO one has tought orientation CMe classes…bus pehlay din OPD k betho or dekho patients…koi kuch sikhata hi nahi… kuch pooch lo to mazak banatay hain… dil tor k rakh detay hain…

ufff…..m in very bad condition… me i thee k i would learn wo sb surgeries which i couldnt in in MBBS and jo mene seekhee theen un se b kam operations hotay yahan:( meray sab iraday toot gaye…jo bach gayee hun wo b toot jaungi… m not meant to work like this…itnay jhoot ….itnay dhokay me… patienst se jhoot..un pe experiments..un becharaon ko kia pata ye doctors kia kar detay un k sath…

i miss Karachi:( alot…. Civil hospital kioon chor i me 😦 or shayed..wahan meray sb class mates…sb dostain…yahan koi ni to me or zada depressed ho gayee..

what ever…. kia karoon? chor doon k ye azziiaat bardasht kartee rahooon? k 2 mah ho gaye..4 b guzar jain gay???  

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8th october ..2005

October 8, 2006 at 6:53 pm (Life)

7th october 2005…my parents had left for Rawalpindi that day……everything was fine n my siblings did aftari without them that eve..i made sehri next mroning(8th october) …and everything was OK even then….at about 8:55am.. i recieved a msg from a friend abt the earth quake..n i thought he is joking..i cheked Geo…and was Shocked….. eyes wide open… …mean while recieved a call from my parents about quake n that everyone was fine…

i called everyone i knew in punjab..n NWFP…all my family members…though they all were fine but terrified…and then it all started…

the relief the whole Karachi was donating and donating and the road sides..PAF museum…different relief camps were full of the aid…

bohat shaur hua..bohat kaam hua..magar phir shor khatam hogea..or kaam b… it has been 1 yr and still they have to live in tents…still they have not been paid the sum they were promised …

and me? i also had forgotten…forgotten that a yr back how enthusiastic i was..even 6 months back when i gave my name for relief camp in Azad Kashmir..and then my exams started n i forgot selfish of me….

well one thing to be mentioned..was the zeal of they rushed to help …i met some students of CA at Medicine market..buying drugs n medical goods for them.. they knew nothing but they wanted to buy the best for em..

read it at Amir’s blog n no doubt its true:

“I have to admit that I really have done nothing after that emotional period (around may by 2 months), not even thought of spending some amount of my money or time for them. Why we have lost our path, our Pakistani-ism, our positive thinking, approach, and attitudes toward the re-building of the nation? I have no answer….. do you have?”

pataaa ni… i have becume selfish myself..apnay apnay me gum hain sab….me b…forgot the path:(..forgot that they still need me…

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