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September 28, 2006 at 1:50 pm (Life)

aj hum bethay thay ..bus yunhi batain ho ri theen.. when we started talking about “working women”

i was of opinion k gals should not leave homes unless they need, and if they need to work they must.be it supporting the family or for some cause whatever.

he was continously saying that women must work…

then came the point when he said…” tum jab 30 saal ki umer main bewa ho jaogi na…tab me poochoonga”

then after giving a second thought added..”ni yaar..jab 2bachay b hongay or tum bewa ho jaogi..ni balkay twins..nahi triplets hongay to me poochoonga” i was :O and then i heard him say ..”tab kehna women should not work”

= c= c=

although i say that women should have the best studies..good curricular n co-curricular record so that in hard times they can manage to support..but just Aiwaieeen marii maari phirna…jab husband . bhaii..betay..ya father r well settled..is not what i recommend n go 4

khair… 🙂



  1. Aamanna said,

    i think it all depends upon urself, ur husband or father. i dont support women count on her bros. its not that they dont care but the prob with thier wives (u know wat i mean). As far as bewa with kids or divorcee with kids , it is happening all around us but v close our eyed or ears for that matter. i have seen so many women facing such type of social probs very bravely. so it all dpends


  2. Autophytes said,

    a disdainful expletive (1) pshaw! (2) very common, mild Autophytes upper class, high tone, “stoosh”. (5) someone who pretends to be better

  3. Hina said,

    WordPress is good, and boy! so is the choice of your template!

    As far as working women are concerned, then say, motherhood is a full-time job in itself. But our society needs a positive contribution from women as well. Ah okay, raising children well is a contribution big enough, but let’s take this example of physicians. There are not enough physicians in Pakistan, you should be knowing this better. Most of the seats in khi (don’t know how things are elsewhere) go to females. If they decide to get married and settle down, can you imagine the loss?

    If a woman decides to work, it’s her husband’s responsibility to make sure that he does some of the house work. Now take my advice and have this debate with your friend. Ask him if men should help women in house chores.

  4. Dr. said,

    he already does:) khanay ka bartan uthana..some times khana banana…batain karna…matar cheel k daina.. n even gosht dho daina… yeah kamra b saaf karna..ocassionally..

    i agree hina… n thanks… black has always been my fav.

  5. GH said,

    1) If women talk about equal rights then they should work.
    2) If after graduating a doc sits in her home that doesn’t make any sense. It would have ben much better if she had let anybody else (might be more deserving/needy) avail that seat.
    3) There was only one girl in our engineering class. She is doing job.
    It’s not the point whether women should do job or not; the point is knowledge should be utilized.

    Acha main chala ,,, zara Matar Cheel loon … Lolz.

  6. Asma said,

    Hmmm firstly what weirdo examples … becharay miyan ka kaam zaroor khatam karna hay before doing job …. 🙂

    Secondly … well i agree to GH here … if you’ve got a degree … professional one avail it …. but when you are a mother … obviously the time gets divided … and the proper care and attention , not if there’s some financial or whatever problem is there, should be concentrated on the child …. !

    well many men are so helpful at home too … that its just beyond imagination .so responsibilities can be divided … but why to wate what you’ve larnt in 4-6 years …!

  7. Raheel Lakhani said,

    In today’s world, it is better if both husband and wife work. Secondly it brings independence to women which is good. Giving a break to it for some time to takecare of children is okay but women should work in their own circumstances and resources.

  8. Aks.. said,

    well.. i agree wid u, my point of view about working women is the same.

  9. Saady said,

    you think too much…jab time aye ga to pata chal jaye gaa wats best !

  10. Pakistani Pictures said,

    I do believe that girls should not work bcoz in today’s era when a girl goes out of her home, their are hunters waiting outside & i hate the way they look at her. Girls are only allowed to work out if they are helpless or lack of sources.
    Where as the education is concern, I think the girls must get higher education & they should not think that after marriage they just need to do cooking, cleaning & taking care of huband & children but they should be prepared for any cricis or challange.

  11. Yousuf Jawwad said,

    sorry for invading .. but the topic has always interested me .. :p

    neways ..

    I must say all representatives of other person are sick .. there is no consiustancy in their stance ..

    1. first they talk about equal rights … and then they would be the first one to jump on the phrase ladias first ..

    2. if they talk about equal rights … then they should take responsibility of all their actions .. (not blame everything on men around them)

    3. at one time they want you to do something and the very next time u are an idiot! (same scenario)

    i think, right after the feminist movement bubble, its the men who are more victimized, in everything .. and even then they take blame for everything …

  12. Dr. said,

    well..firstly am not for “women=men” but yes rights barbar milnay chaian… women r no way like men… not in wit not in confidnce …etc..if we have a few good examples of women that doesnt make all women equal to men….

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