September 24, 2006 at 3:51 pm (Life)

Ramzan is here again… may it brings the best of the bounties unto us..may Allah forgive us n accept our prayers n fasts ameeen..

last yr in ramzan that earthquake hit Pakistan…aj b lagta hay kal ki baat thee.. aj b dar sa lagta hay.. aj b wo scenes ankhon k samnay hain…now that i am in Punjab..i feel the tremors..

aik saal guzar gea..is me mene bohat kuch khoya..bohat kuch paya…bohat kuch seekha or bohat se seekhnay kay mawakay zaya kar diay…

27th ramzan is the brith day of Pakistan as per islamic calender

khushi be hay k ramzan agea..or ik anjani se udasi hay..pareshani c hay.. fikr c hay..

sometimes we dont even know how to explain the very simple things…

i wish this ramzan brings the best for all of us…Allah humay khud k kareen kar lai..bagher azmaishon k..ameeeen



  1. Dr .. said,

    You Need a Daily Dosage of Laughter on a Regular Basis . This Would be good for Today ..

  2. Aamanna said,

    SG, i m very much impressed with your post. i havent visited ur blog earlier for which i feel sorry for myself. your thought, ur way of expression is very impressive. especially ” bohat se seekhnay kay mawakay zaya kar diay” , the way u realised and expressed, its shows itself that u r brave enuf and sensitive.

    Please do dua for me, i badily need duas these days.


  3. kawab said,

    happy ramadan to u n ur family…. hope this ramadan brings barkat rehmat n happiness…..

    glad to see u postin again…..
    where u had been?

  4. Asma said,

    Well, firstly Ramadhan mubarik to you and may it be blessed for alllllll this year and teh years to come ….

    Yup today in the sahrii i was thinking the same that it seems as if just few days back we witnessed the quake jerks … how fast days go by …!

    Take carez … good to know you are in town too 🙂

  5. Raheel Lakhani said,

    Ramadhan Mubarak to you. I hope this month will bring lots of good things in our lives. If we could explain those simple things then life would be so easy =)

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