finally back!

September 22, 2006 at 11:56 am (Uncategorized)

ok jiiii… m finally back to writing. after leaving karachi mujhe lagta tha i have lost something very precious..though the feeling is there..but what has changed now is that i have accepted the fact that zindagee kisis k bagher khatam ni hojati…

karachi jesi koi jaga ni…it is is fast it is nice and i have spent more than half of my life there….

miss being there alot..yahan sb hain..punjabi b boltay hain..i understand well..wahan sb sindi boltay thay…mujhay smaj ni atii the..but still i miss karachi alot..n all my friends there..

anyway… i have finally decided to use WordPress it is better than but blogger se bari yadain wabasta hain….

will take some time..but will be back inshAllah..not for blogsphere..but i need some helping hands… and am sure this is one platform i can find people who’d help me… no grudges or prejudice..just 4 humanity n pain 



  1. Asma said,

    Welcome Back!!!

    And welcome back to new place too 🙂

    So you are a doc now … house job done??? woh tu abhi ho gii naa???

    Oh so you’ve left karachi …. chalein koi nahi … coem to isloo 😀 lols

    Take carez

    its really nice to have you back!!!

  2. SHA said,

    WOW, the great SG is finally back 🙂 Feels great to know that you’re finally back. Do post regularly like you used to 🙂
    Take lotsa care of yourself.

  3. Aamanna said,

    welcome back. u r right , karachi is karachi with all its problems, buraee-aan, etc , it is THE city. I didnt visit ur blog much but please lemme knwo if i can help you.


  4. Dr. said,


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